Now Known as “Kingdom Geek”

Several months ago, I spent a good deal of time attempting to come up with a name which reflected my personality, my values… A name which I could give this blog (which at the time was known simply as “”) that would let visitors know what it was about without using my own name as an identifier. Not that my name isn’t good or anything, but that it’s my name, not necessarily my blog’s.

And I like the name “Kingdom Front,” but after having lived with it for some time, I’ve decided that I was only 50% right in choosing that name. An increasing number of posts here aren’t about the intersection of Scriptures & life at all but are instead about programming or some other geeky thing.

So with that in mind, I came up with what i think is the ideal solution: Kingdom Geek.

You don’t have to like it, though I hope you do, but I feel it best represents what I do here. I’m a Christian, I’m a geek, and so far as I can tell, the name hasn’t yet been taken. I was able to register KingdomGeek as my new Yahoo screenname even, which is exciting — good names are hard to register on Yahoo anymore. Feel free to add me to your contact list, if you’d like.

The name change may not be done in a thorough fashion; “Kingdom Front” may still be referenced in all sorts of places that will take a while to update. If you link here, would you be kind enough to update your links to reflect the new name? (Also, don’t link to me as “The Kingdom Geek”; I’m just one geek among many within the Church, and I’m not claiming to be the geek in Jesus’ camp. “Kingdom Front” without any articles is just fine with me. :-)

What do you think? Like the new name? Or hate it?

7 thoughts on “Now Known as “Kingdom Geek””

  1. The new name is very appropriate. But the tagline! The tagline is dazzling, truly impressive, and even other-worldly. Is Messianic an adjective?

  2. christine: Thanks for the positive feedback! :)

    And yes, “messianic” is an adjective; simply means “of or relating to a messiah.” In Christianity & Messianic Judaism, “messianic” refers to Jesus Christ.

  3. Smart move — the word “geek” coupled with just about any other word is a safe bet these days. The previous name was good, but the new one is even better. — Well done!

  4. Jeff Starr: Thanks, Jeff! I’m slowly getting the whole “marketing” aspect of blogging soaked into my gray matter.

    I’ve been enjoying all your .htaccess-centric posts over at your blog lately; lots of great information contained therein! I’ve not tinkered with my file in a while, but when I do, I’ll definitely be revisiting several of your posts.

  5. ‘Geek’ as a website name reminds me of the early 2000’s over at where every pimple faced youth had a klan site in distress.

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