New Glasses with Which to Be Bespectacled

After something like seven to eight years of having the same pair of glasses, I have finally moved on to a new pair.

My old pair, aside from being noticeably too small for my head, never really fit correctly. I had them bent to a janky approximation of the needed shape, though I suppose the continual adjustments wreaked havoc with the frames’ structural integrity: a little over a week ago, the left temple piece broke off.

While I managed to fix it with a sloppy bit of Gorilla Glue, I was finally convinced that it was time to get my eyes rechecked for a new pair of glasses.

I had never been to a Walmart Vision Center before, ((Disclaimer: I am employed Walmart. The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Walmart or any of its other associates.)) but I was impressed by the eye exam. At the very least, the exam was more thorough than I remember my optometrist appointment being way back when I first got my glasses.

It was a lot cheaper too!

In any event, today was my first day in my new glasses. It may take a day or two before I get used to how the new frames set on my face, but (and this may sound weird) the lenses seem so much clearer than I’m used to. Aside from glare every now and again, it’d be easy enough to forget there were even lenses there!

Sunglasses, the Universal Symbol of Cool
Sunglasses, the Universal Symbol of Cool

I also splurged a bit for Transitions lenses — those fancy lenses which darken in sunlight. I haven’t ever been one to wear sunglasses, so I’m glad to now have glasses which will provide all the protection my eyes should have. ((Autobot Jazz is property of Hasbro. Screenshot © Sunbow Entertainment, or perhaps whichever company owns their rights at this point.))

It is still too early to tell whether I like the Transitions effect yet — the sun set during the time it took to go into the store and walk back out with my glasses — so tomorrow will be day one for that experience.

Okay, blah blah blah… I know by now the only thing you’re waiting for is a picture of the new glasses. There are no supercool pictures yet — all in good time — but here’s a quick shot taken with my iSight.

Oh, and for the observant types among you, yes, that is a mustache. Nineteen days’ worth of one. I’m sporting it for Movember to help raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer. Unfortunately, due to the slowish rate at which my facial hair grows, not many people have asked why I’m growing a mustache yet.

I do, however, like being able to go a week without shaving and not looking too terribly unkempt!

4 thoughts on “New Glasses with Which to Be Bespectacled”

  1. Rick,
    Transitions is only the beginning, my friend. I’ve ‘heard’ after that comes Progressives (unseen bifocals), anti-reflective coatings (so your beloved can see more your eyes instead of sunshine) and finally frames that make you look younger than you are. Mind you, at age 51, I have absolutely-no-experience with this. ;-)

  2. SoloDad: They make anti-reflective lenses‽ I wonder if that would let me more easily use my iSight camera without my glasses being nothing but a reflection of the screen in front of me (hence the odd angle of the picture in the post above).

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