My LEGO Collection

Set ID# Set Name Series Sub-Series
1974 Star Quest Space Futuron
6827 Strata Scooter Space Classic
6850 Auxiliary Patroller Space Futuron
6895 Spy-Trak I Space Space Police I
6984 Galactic Mediator Space Space Police II
6852 Sonar Security Space Space Police II
6813 Galactic Chief Space Space Police II
6038 Wolfpack Renegades Castle Wolfpack
6959 Lunar Launch Site Space Spyrius
6889 Recon Robot Space Spyrius
6835 Saucer Scout Space Spyrius
6340 Hook & Ladder Town Rescue
6593 Blaze Battler Town RSQ911
2152 Robo Rapter Space Roboforce
6336 Launch Response Unit Town Launch Command
6614 Launch Evac 1 Town Launch Command
6492 / 1853 Hypno Cruiser Town Time Cruisers
6493 Flying Time Vessel Town Time Cruisers
4563 Load N’ Haul Railroad Trains 9v > Train Set
2032 McDonald’s Promotional Set: Number 1 [Ronald McDonald] Promotional McDonald’s
1841 McDonald’s Promotional Set: Number 7 [Hamburgler] Promotional McDonald’s
2045 McDonald’s Promotional Set: Number 5 [Grimace] Promotional McDonald’s
8630 Mission 3: Gold Hunt Agents  
6442 Sting Ray Explorer Town Divers
1806 Aquanaut Paravane Aquazone Aquanauts
1822 Sea Claw 7 Aquazone Aquanauts
6639 Raven Racer Town Race
1821 Rally Racers Town Race
6115 Shark Scout / Aquashark Dart Aquazone Aquasharks
6155 Deep Sea Predator / Aquashark Barracuda Aquazone Aquasharks
6833 Beacon Tracer Space M:Tron
6896 Celestial Forager Space M:Tron
6550 Outback Racer Town Outback
1625 Snowman Holiday


6515 Stunt Copter Town Flight
6341 Gas N’ Go Flyer Town Flight
6595 Surf Shack Town  
6531 Flame Chaser Town RSQ911
6350 Pizza to Go Town  
6670 Rescue Rig Town Race
1720 Cactus Canyon Town  
6815 Hovertron Space Exploriens
6854 Alien Fossilizer Space Exploriens
6856 Planetary Decoder Space Exploriens
6938 / 1737 Scorpion Detector Space Exploriens
260 Idea Book Books Idea Books
8956 Stone Chopper Underground Power Miners
6020 Magic Shop Castle Dragon Masters
1974 Smuggler’s Hayride Castle Forestmen
6042 Dungeon Hunters Castle Crusaders
6066 Camouflaged Outpost Castle Forestmen
6246 Crocodile Cage Pirate Islanders
6236 King Kahuka Pirate Islanders
6262 King Kahuka’s Throne Pirate Islanders
6256 * Island Catamaran Pirate Islanders
6278 Enchanted Island Pirate Islanders
6518 Baja Buggy Town  
6353 Coastal Cutter Town Nautica
6387 Coastal Rescue Base Town  
8035 Universal Building Set Technic  
8024 Universal Building Set Technic  
8820 Mountain Rambler Technic  
8230 Coastal Cop Buggy / Miami Police Patrol Technic Tech Play / Starter
8215 Gyro Copter Technic Tech Play / Starter
6625 Speed Trackers Town Rescue
6506 Precinct Cruiser Town  
6545 Search N’ Rescue Town Rescue
6344 Jet Speed Justice Town Rescue
4012 Wave Cops Floasting Boats  
6664 Chopper Cops Town Rescue
6742 Mini Off-Roader Creator  
1786 Jailbreak Joe Town  
6348 Surveillance Squad Town Rescue
6265 Sabre Island Pirate Soldiers
6832 Super Nova II Space Blacktron II
6933 Spectral Starguider Space Blacktron II
6981 Aerial Intruder Space Blacktron II
6898 Ice-Sat V Space Ice Planet 2002
6879 Blizzard Baron Space Ice Planet 2002
6834 Celestial Sled Space Ice Planet 2002
6873 Deep Freeze Defender Space Ice Planet 2002
5585 Pink Brick Box Creator  
537 Basic Building Set Building Set  
510 BASIC Building Set Universal Building Set  
1622 Special Offer Bucket Building Set  
??? Basic Building Set Building Set  

* Denotes ownership of two of marked item.

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