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In my previous post, all the verses quoted came from the New King James Version; I think I forgot to mention that.

Also, I began with the Bible verses very intentionally. I wanted it to be abundantly clear that the standard of holiness advocated in my entry did not originate in my heart or in my mind. God is holy, and He calls us to be like Him. He certainly doesn’t expect us to do that on our own, which is why we are able to be transformed by the daily renewal of our mind via the word of God, the Bible.

Let the verses I listed sink into your mind. John 3:16 is easy. Genesis 1:1 is easy. Even the Ten Commandments are easy. But when God speaks to us from the pages of the Bible and beckons us to set no wicked thing before our eyes, to not willingly behold evil, to be holy as He is holy… Those things are hard, and the devices of Hollywood have made obeying these commands more difficult than ever.

Meditate on the verses. Be transformed as they renew your mind. Make a covenant with your eyes. Do these things, and you will look at television differently. It is a great invention, but it is used for evil and seldomly for good. I am certainly not saying to trash your television, but you are encouraged and admonished to evaluate what you are setting before your eyes when you turn it on.

Would God–who is too holy to look upon wickedness–enjoy what you are enjoying? I’d say “What would Jesus watch?” but “WWJW” isn’t catchy, and I doubt He would waste time watching much of anything. Redeem the time, and work till He comes.

1 thought on “More on “Television””

  1. Shawn McGrath

    I truly enjoyed these posts, particularly since they are based with scriptural reference instead of an opinion. I barely watch any television and admittedly it is difficult since the interesting shows generally come with some form of violence or sexual content, even dramas.

    I do try to keep my television watching to a minimum even though I like watching the news, we tend to see more of the shamefulness of the world on such “informative broadcasting” than on some fictional shows.

    Anyways, thanks for the post, it put things into perspective.

    Lord Bless
    Shawn McGrath

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