Monday Miscellany ed. 2

Thus begins the second edition of the KingdomGeek Monday Miscellany column, so get ready for this week’s compendium of curiosities, trifles, and things that’ll make thoughtful thinkers think.

  • Phil Johnson of the Pyromaniacs remind us that the church ought to be more modesty-minded and laments the loss of innocence within Christendom. There was a time that people who knew me would apologize when they said something indecent around me. That doesn’t happen so much these days, and that says more about me than them, and what it does say about me, I don’t like.
  • One would hope that a foreign nation doesn’t have criminal records for someone named “Driver’s License,” but that’s just the sort of thing that happened with police officers in Ireland who repeatedly misread Polish driver’s licenses. When in doubt, the Intarwebz are full of free translation tools.
  • Stop hacking for the past and look to the future with the latest and greatest style properties available to Web designers.
  • Death is Not Dying. Rachel, a terminal cancer patient, shares her faith and confidence in Jesus Christ even in the face of certain death. You owe it to yourself to set aside about an hour to here the words of this blessed woman.
  • Finding the right look for a navigation menu is important for several reasons, especially usability and aesthetics. Get some inspiration.
  • I don’t run a multi-member blog — most of us don’t — but for those who do, here is a very simple trick to display post content to logged in users only. The trick is lightweight enough to use for even the simplest of purposes, such as displaying “to dos” or “could you fix or update this” notices to other blog editors. Or perhaps you want to save your best content for those who register on your site. The code is even Thesis-ready; just drop it into your custom_functions.php file!
  • OS X Leopard user looking forward to the upcoming Snow Leopard? You’ll be able to grab it for only $29 when it arrives in September. Thank you, Apple!
  • My dad is blogging now and recently made his first non-meta post: Donating to Science. Go forth, and comment.
  • The importance of long-term friendship.
  • Everyone's a TrekkieOh, yes, everyone’s a Trekkie, even if they are in a galaxy far, far away.

The Life of an Abortionist Weighed against Countless Lives of Aborted Babies

What have you been into over the past week?

Oh, and if you’re wondering about Thesis 1.5.1, I can only say that it will be out soon and will work like a treat with WordPress 2.8. Regarding “how soon,” well, you’ll have to ask Chris about that one!

2 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany ed. 2”

  1. Outlaw it and punish it the same as we punish other murderers. Abortions reduced. There ya go.

    What you and others need to understand is that many of us view abortion not as a political issue, not as a “let’s talk this out over some beers” issue, nor a “whatever you think is right, go for it” issue. We believe abortion to be a violation of God’s covenant with Noah, which states that murderers should pay with their lives because the lives they take are lives made in the image of God. Until someone can prove to me from the Scriptures that an unborn child does not possess the image of God, then the covenant applies, and I stand by it.

    However, I fail to see how supporting abortionists will do anything to reduce them. Would funding, protesting for, and otherwise protecting cigarette companies do anything to reduce smoking? The only affect that would have would be to undermine efforts taken to reduce smoking. Ditto abortion.

  2. Mister Peabody

    Oh, thanks for that abortion cartoon. I’ll be supporting NARAL and other pro-choice groups even more now, until the “other side” decides to see the big picture and work towards ways of actually reducing abortion.

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