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EDIT: This website has actually been superseded by another, and beckman-ministries.com (link below) links to others of mine. Still, enjoy the following read, before it gets transferred someday to the new site (if it gets transferred). END EDIT

First, there was rbeckman.addr.com.

Then there was something else.

Then there was spiritsword.com.

And finally there was beckman-ministries.com.

In between the first two, I had another website… The dates on the first website end near the end of 2001, while the third listed doesn’t pick up until late 2002. I wish I could remember what address I used during that time. The main distinction that the site would have had–if the archive caught it–is a dedicatory page to Robin Winner & Christie Jordan of Bedford, IN, who died in a car wreck Oct. 19, 2001.

I wish there was a way to search the archive (or another archive, if it exists) by keyword, but currently you can only do so by URL… And since I do not know the URL.

I really should have kept backups/records of every site I’ve done–there have been quite a few.


Update(s): I’m not sure why I haven’t always been in the habit of saving every email (at least from family), but I’m glad my dad has always saved my messages. He managed to turn up an address I had forgotten: crusader_135.tripod.com, which if I remember correctly was always my friend Rebecca’s site which I designed and maintained for her. And I’m still thinking there is another site out there somewhere that I am missing…

But, just to be thorough, in addition to the above, I have turned up…

  • Two different sites made for an old IRC/gaming clan I was a leader of, called The Immortal Triad. (Neither of these made it into the Archive, it looks like:)
  • Dad found a reference to this next site which I had forgotten about: The above two Triad sites were ultimately replaced with our “Angel Knights of the Triad” site; it was at this point Shawn (“TruPYRO”) and myself (“Watcher”) became far more interested in the mythos and culture of the group rather than gaming. The group disbanded soon thereafter.
  • An old Geocities website I used to have, which was at one point, if I’m not mistaken, host to a complete collection of word-for-word accurate Metallica lyrics. The archive seems to have missed this one as well.
  • A Tripod website which came after the aforementioned Geocities website and just before rbeckman.addr.com. In fact, the only archived copies of this site are point to the newer site.
  • I had a simple one-page website on Expage for a while with a simple salvation message.
  • For a little while, I helped run a site for a few of my friends where they could not only post raps that they wrote but there were also message board areas to “battle rap” with others. Fair warning, depending on the completion of this archive, you may run across some not-so-pretty language.

Still, there is probably more, and I still have a hunch that I had a website in between rbeckman.addr.com and spiritsword.com that was perhaps ran concurrently with Rebecca’s.

The Mysteries: I would love to turn up at least two more of my sites from the past: the one with the dedicatory page to Robin & Christie, as well as an Immortal Triad page that featured a rather horrendous piece of artwork featuring three creature things (one vampiric, one on fire, and the other kinda mysteries, representing the three founders of the Triad: Vampyre, truPYRO, and myself the Watcher).

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