Miley Cyrus: Still a G‑rated Role Model?

Miley Cyrus goes top­less save for a sheet for a mag­a­zine pho­to spread and then goes on to say that she’s embar­rassed by them. Did she real­ly not expect them to sul­ly her “G‑rated” rep­u­ta­tion? (And frankly, there’s been enough pic­tures of her spread around the Inter­net at this point that if any­one still thinks she’s G‑rated at heart, then they’re cer­tain­ly not using the same G‑rating I grew up with!)

That said, Mr. Hugh McBride brings to light a num­ber of what I think to be good points, the biggest of which is while we wor­ry about Mor­mon polyg­a­mists (alleged­ly) fawn and pawn over under­age girls in their soci­ety, fif­teen year old Miley Cyrus gets away with pos­ing half bare naked in the same mag­a­zine which in the past has fea­tured, for instance, nude pho­tos of preg­nant Brit­ney Spears. Excel­lent foot­steps to be fol­low­ing in, Ms. G‑rated.

I just want to shake my head. “Role mod­el,” they call her…

3 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus: Still a G‑rated Role Model?”

  1. *shrugs*

    Hey, if you want to grow up to be a cov­er­girl, she’s the per­fect role model.

    If, on the oth­er hand, you want to be pleas­ing to Christ in all you do, then she’s some­one you want to avoid. Like the plague. (*gasp* Yes, I know, I used a cliché.)


    This just shows you how far behind I am in “cur­rent events”/gossip. I had­n’t even heard of this. The last celebri­ty scan­dal I can remem­ber was that Simp­son girl get­ting pregnant.

    Oh well, these are things that just get in the way of my life, I suppose.

  2. Chris­t­ian Broth­er: I would­n’t nec­es­sar­i­ly think she should be avoid­ed — becom­ing too dis­con­nect­ed from the cul­ture makes us irrel­e­vant to the cul­ture, plus if some­one has good music, they have good music.

    What should be avoid­ed is the ten­den­cy of peo­ple to link music to the artist. I’m lis­ten­ing to a “Weird Al” Yankovic song at the moment, but my enjoy­ing the song has noth­ing to do with “Weird Al” him­self, about whom I know very lit­tle. But when some­one moves from enjoy­ing a per­son­’s music to becom­ing a fan of a per­son, well, it’s very easy to slip into hero wor­ship or, quite hon­est­ly, idolatry.

    Admit­ted­ly, tween girls prob­a­bly aren’t the best judges of things like this, so it’s very easy for some­one like Ms. Cyrus to become a “role mod­el” to them when in fact she has no busi­ness being such.

    Ali­cia helped me to real­ize a while back that there are in fact good role mod­els avail­able today; of course par­ents & church lead­ers ought to be, but if some­one wants a “high­er pro­file” role mod­el, look no fur­ther than mis­sion­ar­ies. Or how about evangelists?

    What bet­ter role mod­el than some­one who has giv­en up all and count­ed all gain as loss for the sake of Christ Jesus and His Gospel?

    In set­ting such men up as role mod­els, then we’re eased right into the bib­li­cal exam­ple of Paul who encour­aged oth­ers to fol­low him even as He fol­lowed Christ.

    But in this per­verse and wicked gen­er­a­tion where far too many prob­a­bly could­n’t name a mis­sion­ary or state, for instance, the sig­nif­i­cance of what men like Mar­tin Luther, Charles H. Spur­geon, or John Bun­yan lived for… Well… When all wor­thy role mod­els are ignored, one must resort to the baser pro­fes­sions for their heroes — actors, singers, and oth­er enter­tain­ment come to mind. I guess we’re a step up from the ancient Roman heroes who slaugh­tered and were slaugh­tered in are­na com­bat, but we’ve mere­ly exchanged bru­tal­i­ty with las­civ­i­ous­ness, avarice, and prof­li­gate living.

    Thanks for read­ing this far if, in fact, you did. :)

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