Sometimes I Just Feel Dense

After over a year of hav­ing my room laid out in the same man­ner (ignor­ing the addi­tion of a book­shelf last Christ­mas), I decid­ed to rearrange, clean up, and bet­ter orga­nize my room for two rea­sons: the addi­tion of a com­put­er (my sis’ old one, which I plan to use as a Lin­ux web serv­er for test­ing code and such) and to fix some of the clut­ter with my enter­tain­ment center.

Over this past year or so, I’ve had my sys­tem set up so that I had to con­stant­ly switch the video input to my tele­vi­sion from the DVD play­er to the stereo receiv­er (for gam­ing) and back again. 

I just now dis­cov­ered an S‑Video cable lay­ing kin­da under­neath my DVD play­er, between it and where my VCR was. I don’t know why I stuffed it there orig­i­nal­ly, but I real­ized I could run it from my DVD play­er to the receiv­er, and keep the oth­er video cable run­ning from the TV to the receiv­er in place.

I just made my enter­tain­ment life slight­ly eas­i­er, and it only took me a year to fig­ure out. D’oh!

(Then again, maybe the excite­ment of bring­ing home a new sur­round sound sys­tem way back when made me miss the for­est for the trees or something.)

Fea­tured image: source, license

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Rick Beckman