Sometimes I Just Feel Dense

After over a year of having my room laid out in the same manner (ignoring the addition of a bookshelf last Christmas), I decided to rearrange, clean up, and better organize my room for two reasons: the addition of a computer (my sis’ old one, which I plan to use as a Linux web server for testing code and such) and to fix some of the clutter with my entertainment center.

Over this past year or so, I’ve had my system set up so that I had to constantly switch the video input to my television from the DVD player to the stereo receiver (for gaming) and back again. 

I just now discovered an S-Video cable laying kinda underneath my DVD player, between it and where my VCR was. I don’t know why I stuffed it there originally, but I realized I could run it from my DVD player to the receiver, and keep the other video cable running from the TV to the receiver in place.

I just made my entertainment life slightly easier, and it only took me a year to figure out. D’oh!

(Then again, maybe the excitement of bringing home a new surround sound system way back when made me miss the forest for the trees or something.)

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