Making the Lives of Christian Bloggers Easier

Atten­tion Chris­t­ian blog­gers: Is there any­thing that could be added to a Word­Press theme that would make it eas­i­er to blog about your faith?

A cou­ple things come to mind: built-in han­dling of the bibleref micro­for­mat (to auto­mat­i­cal­ly link to an online Bible or show the verse in a tooltip, for exam­ple); spe­cial styling for Scrip­ture quo­ta­tions; spe­cial wid­gets for Bible search, verse of the days, and so on.

All/most of these things have Word­Press plu­g­ins avail­able, and in the inter­est of decreas­ing the num­ber of plu­g­ins that have to be used, what kind of things would make blog­ging the­ol­o­gy, faith, and devo­tions eas­i­er or more appeal­ing to your readers?

5 thoughts on “Making the Lives of Christian Bloggers Easier”

  1. Speak­ing on behalf of Church­es all over, I think full and com­plete inte­gra­tion with Word­Press MU will be essen­tial. One pack­age, mak­ing it easy for the Pas­tor, Youth Pas­tor, Dea­cons, and who­ev­er else to all have a blog under the same roof. The­sis and WPUl­ti­mate would both be excel­lent themes for Word­Press MU. With their flex­i­bil­i­ty, each blog could eas­i­ly get it’s own look, while mak­ing life a lot eas­i­er for the guy main­tain­ing the back end. Both themes would need to come up with a remark­ably ver­sa­tile home page option though.

  2. THANK YOU! I nev­er even thought to check for plu­g­ins for adding Bible vers­es. After read­ing your email, I imme­di­ate­ly went to the plu­g­in installer and dis­cov­ered sev­er­al inter­est­ing, applic­a­ble ones for my site. May I ask which you’ve found best? Then I can start with a pre-test­ed one :) :) :)

  3. I like the idea of the spe­cial styling. I cur­rent­ly use Ref­Tag­ger plu­g­in and I love it. I love that peo­ple can read the pas­sage just by rolling their mouse over the passage.

  4. Actu­al­ly, Kaye, I haven’t used any — at least not in recent mem­o­ry (going back 2+ years, maybe) — so I can’t speak to the qual­i­ty of any of the cur­rent­ly avail­able plugins.

    I’m not sure what you’d want, Shawn; I’m not too famil­iar with Word­Press­MU or sites built with it. I would assume (I know, that’s dan­ger­ous) that most themes at least *work* just fine as themes users can choose for their blogs under Word­Press­MU — even the options pages. You’re right, though, about the home tem­plate — the more flex­i­ble it is, the bet­ter it’d be. I sus­pect Bud­dy­Press has the best exam­ple of this.

    I’ve tin­kered around with spe­cial styling ideas in the past, Lori… I’m by no means a design­er, so what I come up with prob­a­bly be dis­liked by most. Any­thing in par­tic­u­lar that you’d like spe­cial styling avail­able for?

  5. Rick, I just installed Word­Press MU yes­ter­day after­noon so I could get some hands on time with it (basic set­up with MU/BuddyPress/bbPress, but look if you want, I see some seri­ous poten­tial for a few projects I’ve been contemplating.

    Thesis/WP Unlim­it­ed would work fine on it for user blogs, but I’d love to see them with full sup­port for the home page and [bud­dy­press] mem­ber pages, includ­ing a bbPress skin would be a major bonus.

    From what I hear, Word­Press MU and reg­u­lar Word­Press will even­tu­al­ly become one and the same (who knows when though), so the first few qual­i­ty [afford­able] themes out of the gate will get major trac­tion. I’m hop­ing it’s a theme I already have expe­ri­ence with.

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