Living Out the Scripture

Just what you all have been wait­ing for: a meme! That’s right, I’ve been tagged by blog­ger tum­bler tum­blog­ger tum­ble-log­ger Ben Gray for the meme “Liv­ing Out the Scrip­ture.” I must now “Post that verse or sto­ry of scrip­ture which is impor­tant to you, which you find your­self re-vis­it­ing time after time.”

Resis­tance is futile. I must comply.

I par­tic­u­lar­ly love the Book of Jude. Yes, it is short, but its twen­ty-five vers­es pack such a bang and touch so many dif­fer­ent top­ics — the return of Christ (as proph­e­sied by pre-noahic Enoch), the con­dem­na­tion of false teach­ers (right doc­trine is impor­tant!) and of unbe­liev­ers, the impor­tance of rebuke in con­tend­ing for the faith, the preser­va­tion of the saints, the majesty of Christ, and more. I’ll not quote the entire book, but I will share a cou­ple of verses:

But you, beloved, build­ing your­selves up on your most holy faith; pray­ing in the Holy Spir­it; 21keep your­selves in the love of God, wait­ing anx­ious­ly for the mer­cy of our Lord Jesus Christ to eter­nal life. 22And have mer­cy on some, who are doubt­ing; 23save oth­ers, snatch­ing them out of the fire; and on some have mer­cy with fear, hat­ing even the gar­ment pol­lut­ed by the flesh.

24Now to Him who is able to keep you from stum­bling, and to make you stand in the pres­ence of His glo­ry blame­less with great joy, 25to the only God our Sav­ior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glo­ry, majesty, domin­ion and author­i­ty, before all time and now and for­ev­er. Amen. Jude 20–25, NASB

Now to con­tin­ue the meme, I tag… Justin, Shawn, and Jamie.

As an aside, it was sug­gest­ed by Sid­ney in the com­ments at openswitch that there should be a Bible class for mark­ing up Scrip­tures. I’m not very cre­ative, but since the incep­tion of this blog, I’ve been mark­ing up my Scrip­ture blockquotes with three class­es: “bible,” either “old-tes­ta­ment” or “new-tes­ta­ment,” and an appro­pri­ate ver­sion class such as “nasb” or “kjv.” Feel free to copy or sug­gest some­thing bet­ter, any­one. :) (I haven’t yet decid­ed on a good way to style up the quo­ta­tions yet, but the pos­si­bil­i­ty is there for me at any time.)

8 thoughts on “Living Out the Scripture”

  1. Jude real­ly is a great book. As for the markup, I won­der if we could come up with some sort of parch­ment or the like for Bible quites.

  2. Justin: “View source” on any web­page — That’s markup. If you want to learn, quite a few tuto­ri­als are linked to from this post.

    I thought I saw a guide to post­ing with XHTML over on the Word­Press Codex wiki, but I can’t seem to find it now. :

    Ben, you would­n’t hap­pen to know of any intro­duc­tions to XHTML — par­tic­u­lar­ly as would per­tain to post­ing on a blog (text for­mats, image han­dling, etc.)? (For all I know, you’ve writ­ten one your­self in the past; off to openswitch…)

  3. Do you know of any sim­ple n00b-lev­el guides to enrich­ing blog posts with (X)HTML? I’ve been pok­ing around look­ing for one to share with Justin to help him, well, add seman­tic spice to his blog entries.

    I know you’ve spent more time on sites & blogs devot­ed to design and such than I have — and it shows on your awe­some openswitch design — so I thought maybe you could help us out. :P

  4. Awww shucks. :blush:

    Real­ly, the sky is the lim­it. There are sev­er­al things you can style rel­a­tive­ly eas­i­ly. Like when I put a para­graph in a <block­quote> tag, you can style it in your CSS with this:

    block­quote {
    font-size: 14px;
    font-fam­i­ly: Geor­gia, “Times New Roman”, serif;
    col­or: #777;
    bor­der-left: 1px sol­id #ccc;

    You can also style <cite>, <p>, and lot’s of oth­er tags. You can even style <em> and <strong> tags differently.

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