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I apologize — work has been occupying a great deal of my energy this past week, and I haven’t been able to devote much thought into enriching the blogosphere with scriptural insights and general witticism. Maybe soon. Maybe later. I don’t know.

Regardless of that, though, I have been keeping up on reading others’ blogs (’cause others rock!), and here are some links for you to enjoy the same, if you wish:

  • Third Annual Reminder: Boycott “Turkey Day” — No, this isn’t a call to boycott Thanksgiving; rather, it is a plea to Christians to avoid calling it “Turkey Day” and to embrace thankfulness as a necessary and overflowing part of life. If anything, visit for the great Spurgeon quote on ungratefulness!
  • Why Not Speed? (pt. 2) — Ms. Kiley gives her second and third reasons for obedience to the speed limit laws, and I find them to be good insights which aren’t often expressed nowadays, which is a shame. Watching that speedometer is definitely something I need more often to do…
  • The Theology of Employment — Work is a theological issue, and it has been since the beginning of man’s time on Earth. Joshua Hitchcock shares with us from the Scriptures why it is. Never forget 2 Thessalonians 3:10; if men are able to work but are unwilling to, they do not deserve to eat. Read through the comments as well for more insights; find out why you can and should be joyful (and unceasingly thankful) for your job!
  • I’ll conclude with a bit of shamelessness… My loverly wife has nominated my blog for “Best Religion Blog” in the Bloggers’ Choice Awards; would you mind taking a moment and voting for me? I would really appreciate it! And while you’re at it, stop on over at my wife’s site and then vote for her in the Best Photography Blog category!

3 thoughts on “Links of Interest for Today”

  1. Thanks for the link to my post, Rick. And thanks also for the reminder not to call the holiday Turkey Day. I didn’t use to think that was a big deal (I was a little slow, I guess), but it eventually hit me that saying “Turkey Day” totally undermines the significance of the day.

  2. OK I am confused.. what is Turkey Day? and what day is the term replacing? Christmas? Thanksgiving? I followed the link and clearly the reader is expected to know.. but I dont!

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