Links for Thursday, 2007-08-23

  • Undisciplined Rant about “Yahweh/LORD” — Undisciplined or not, I think Dan Phillips makes a good point. There is simply no reason for “the Lord” or “the Lord God” to continue appearing in English Bible translations. We know better than that. Let the Jewish superstition die, and let us glory in the name of Yahweh, which men have been calling on for thousands of years (Genesis 4:26). I’m going to resolve to make use of God’s name more often, reserving “the Lord” or “the Lord God” only for direct quotations of versions which employed them. And for those who are geeky enough to have noticed, I mark up those words thusly: <span class="yhwh"></span>.
  • THE Least-Heard Marriage Truth — Another from Dan Phillips; I don’t know if it is really the least heard, but it is a good one nonetheless. He calls all those who are wed to hold firm to their vows — failure to do so is a sin against God Himself. To the unwed, this message of fidelity to one’s vows & spouse should be the first thing they are told by their pastor when they are preparing to get married. If one cannot live with it, one should not get married. Period.
  • How to Pray for Our Children — From Amy Scott comes a list of nearly fifty things that should be prayed about when raising children. Even if you don’t have children (I don’t), read through the list and invigorate your prayers with new focuses!
  • Jesus Songs — Keith ponders whether or not “Back in Black” really is an appropriate song to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with. What do you say?

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