Links for Monday, 2007-08-20

  • Vladstudio WallpapersVlad­stu­dio — Won­der­ful­ly cre­ative desk­top back­grounds by Vlad Gerasi­mov. Vlad­stu­dio is the source of all of those great images used in the head­er here (with Vlad’s per­mis­sion, of course). The attached image is a pre­view of his lat­est work, what­ev­er it may be when you read this!
  • Leg­end of Lega­ia — I’m not for sure what brought it to mind yes­ter­day, but I stum­bled back upon Leg­end of Lega­ia, one of my favorite PlaySta­tion games of all time. While it’s nowhere near the role-play­ing cal­iber of, say, Final Fan­ta­sy VII, Leg­end is an incred­i­ble game in its own right. If you have the chance to play it, don’t pass it up!
  • “Frozen Smoke” Mir­a­cle Mate­r­i­al — It’s kin­da like acti­vat­ed car­bon in that it has an incred­i­bly high sur­face area, but it’s also one of the world’s light­est solids, being almost 100% com­prised of a gas. Plas­tics & sil­i­cone are old hat; ’bout time we get a new mir­a­cle material!
  • Good Doc­trine Makes Bet­ter (Teenage) Saints — I have got­ten the impres­sion from the “emerging/emergent/whatever” church that empha­siz­ing doc­trine is not only unnec­es­sary but is harm­ful to “mis­sion­al” liv­ing. Turns out there is evi­dence that peo­ple with­out a strong doc­tri­nal under­stand­ing will not be all too dif­fer­ent from the world around them. Imag­ine that: the Word and the truths con­tained there­in real­ly are a lamp unto our feet, a light unto our paths! Hat tip: Amy Scott.
  • Two Ger­man Sci­en­tists Claim to Have Bro­ken the Speed of Light — A quan­tum mir­a­cle? Or mis­in­ter­pret­ed results? I’m unsure what the sig­nif­i­cance would be of trans­port­ing microwaves instan­ta­neous­ly between two points would be; though I imag­ine if they fig­ure that out, it’d be a step toward rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing the piz­za deliv­ery mar­ket. Mmmm, Telepizza™.
  • Adam got bord so God made a woman for Adam — Oh, so that’s why. :)






6 responses to “Links for Monday, 2007-08-20”

  1. Justin Avatar

    I liked the last link. That was a smile-maker.

  2. Justin Avatar

    Rick, what is up with this “The­ol­o­gy Is Bunk” guy? Is he seri­ous, or what?

  3. Rick Beckman Avatar

    LOL. Yeah, it’s rather strange that I have him in my blogroll con­sid­er­ing how antag­o­nis­tic he is toward myself & Shawn, but it’s just my way of bless­ing those who curse me, I sup­pose. The own­er of “The­ol­o­gy Is Bunk!” goes by the han­dle yes2truth, which is also used as a title for his actu­al website

  4. Rick Beckman Avatar

    By no means. I’m “pro­gres­sive” in that I believe the church ought to be doing a lot more than it is to care for the poor and such as that.

    I’m not for sure how rel­e­vant these are any­more, but you can check out my side of the yes2truth sto­ry.

    It begins with the post at the bot­tom, “Ogre Gods.” Enjoy. :)

  5. Justin Avatar

    So I’ve noticed. Is it true that you’re a “pro­gres­sive” Christian?

  6. Justin Avatar

    A very… let’s just say inter­est­ing man.

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