Links for Monday, 2007-08-20

  • Vladstudio WallpapersVladstudio — Wonderfully creative desktop backgrounds by Vlad Gerasimov. Vladstudio is the source of all of those great images used in the header here (with Vlad’s permission, of course). The attached image is a preview of his latest work, whatever it may be when you read this!
  • Legend of Legaia — I’m not for sure what brought it to mind yesterday, but I stumbled back upon Legend of Legaia, one of my favorite PlayStation games of all time. While it’s nowhere near the role-playing caliber of, say, Final Fantasy VII, Legend is an incredible game in its own right. If you have the chance to play it, don’t pass it up!
  • “Frozen Smoke” Miracle Material — It’s kinda like activated carbon in that it has an incredibly high surface area, but it’s also one of the world’s lightest solids, being almost 100% comprised of a gas. Plastics & silicone are old hat; ’bout time we get a new miracle material!
  • Good Doctrine Makes Better (Teenage) Saints — I have gotten the impression from the “emerging/emergent/whatever” church that emphasizing doctrine is not only unnecessary but is harmful to “missional” living. Turns out there is evidence that people without a strong doctrinal understanding will not be all too different from the world around them. Imagine that: the Word and the truths contained therein really are a lamp unto our feet, a light unto our paths! Hat tip: Amy Scott.
  • Two German Scientists Claim to Have Broken the Speed of Light — A quantum miracle? Or misinterpreted results? I’m unsure what the significance would be of transporting microwaves instantaneously between two points would be; though I imagine if they figure that out, it’d be a step toward revolutionizing the pizza delivery market. Mmmm, Telepizza™.
  • Adam got bord so God made a woman for Adam — Oh, so that’s why. :)

6 thoughts on “Links for Monday, 2007-08-20”

  1. LOL. Yeah, it’s rather strange that I have him in my blogroll considering how antagonistic he is toward myself & Shawn, but it’s just my way of blessing those who curse me, I suppose. The owner of “Theology Is Bunk!” goes by the handle yes2truth, which is also used as a title for his actual website

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