Links for Monday, 2007-08-06

  • Made for Another World — Amy Scott muses on the question, “When did good orthodoxy (correct doctrine) become enough, replacing orthopraxy (right living) in its stead?” Most of what I’ve read along the lines of “right living” lately has come from those who would seemingly eschew sound doctrine in favor of orthopraxy. I’m linking to Amy because from what I’ve read on her blog over the past however-long-it’s-been, she’s not one to fall for that error.
  • David Cloud’s Disappointed God — From the Reformed Mafia, Gordan Runyan continues his series examining David Cloud’s article “Calvin’s Camels.” This is part 3. Be sure to grab part 1 and part 2 as well.
  • Need? What Need? — A widow living with a malfunctioning hearing aid — she couldn’t even hear the sermons at church! — has the need filled not by the local body of Christ, but by writing to Warren Buffet’s sister. I’m glad that she found the money she needed. I’m glad that Doris Buffet was willing to provide it. But where oh where was her church?

2 thoughts on “Links for Monday, 2007-08-06”

  1. Backtracked my way to your site, to thank you for the link on behalf of my Mafia brothers. Love the site. Keep fighting the good fight, brother!

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