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  1. Walt Dickinson

    White writes, “O’Donnell’s response is the very essence of self-centeredness: ‘I tell him Mommy only likes other Mommies.'”

    Love is self-centered? I don’t agree, but let’s look at the alternative: O’Donnell rejects herself, marries a man whom she can not truly love, and pretends to love him, thus being dishonest to herself, her husband, and her son. That doesn’t sound to me like something God would want. Maybe I’m wrong, though. Maybe God really does want homosexuals to be miserable.

  2. Thank you both for your comments. :) I was simply sharing a link to James White’s site; if you’d like to respond to him directly, you can do so at his site. That said, here are my replies. Have a great day! :)

    bloggernoob: If homosexuality is genetic, then it is no different from any other sin. You see, according to the Scriptures we are conceived in iniquity; as such, from birth we are more prone to slaughter our fellow man than we are to worship the Living God in Spirit and Truth. Our nature is simply to act out against Him; this rebellion takes the form of homosexuality, lying, hate, murder, rape, adultery, fornication, sorcery, blasphemy, and countless other actions.

    Repentance comes part & parcel with the regeneration of the Holy Spirit, and so if a person is a homosexual, rest assured that if they are truly converted to Jesus Christ, they will find within themselves the desire to repent of homosexuality and the Savior will enable such repentance to take place.

    If homosexuality being genetic is somehow problematic with a person’s salvation, then the first thing I’d wonder about is that person’s conception of God. Is God all-powerful, capable of breaking down strongholds, and converting whoever He wants to His Son? If not, when did genetic disposition become more powerful than God? After all, He wrote the genetic code!

    Walt Dickinson: The alternative you provide is wrong. The alternative is for her to repent and be transformed, receiving a new heart and new desires. Once this miracle has taken place, your overly sentimental argument that she’d be miserable is no longer valid.

    However, note carefully that Christ is explicit in what He says: We cannot follow Him unless we deny ourselves. Elsewhere we are told that we are to die to ourselves. If we have desires, hopes, dreams, and so on which run contrary to holiness, they must be cast aside.

    Also, your claim that God wouldn’t want a homosexual to be miserable for denying his or her instincts doesn’t hold up very well when we recall that God rained down fire & brimstone on Sodom & Gomorrha for the sin of homosexuality. Likewise, in the opening chapter of Romans 1, God through Paul completely crushes any hope of homosexuality ever being acceptable within biblical Christianity.

    As the Law of God declares, it is an abomination to God.

    I trust that the biblical writers understood God better than I ever will on this earth, and I believe their testimony of Him is true. I, along with countless millions of orthodox Christians throughout history, am bound to His Word and must resist the acceptance of homosexuality as “good.”

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