June 06, 2006

Okay, I’m a day late; I didn’t even have to work yesterday, and I didn’t think to write about this in all my extra free time. I’m so ashamed.

As some of you may have noticed, yesterday made for an unusual date: June 06, 2006, or to put it another way, 06-06-06.

Six hundred threescore and six (666) is the biblical “number of the Beast,” so I can understand the wariness some people have toward the number. At work, I have had customers ask me to add another cent to their order so that the final purchase price would not be $6.66. Even as a child, I refused to answer math problems where the solution came to 666 (a rare occurence, but I remember the practice nonetheless).

May I be so bold as to say such things take biblical truth and throw them down to the level of silly superstitions?

Consider that most published Bibles have a page numbered 666 within it. Wouldn’t superstition demand that number be skipped? Or should we simply not read that page?

What of the patriarchs that lived hundreds of years? Did Adam cringe on his six hundred and sixty sixth birthday? Or did he simply turn a bit more blue in the face after blowing out that many candles?
Interestingly enough, there are also some verses that number 666. John 6:66, as a great example, tells us that “many” of Christ’s disciples “went back and walked with Him no more.” An odd coincedence, wouldn’t you say? Because the chapter & verse divisions are not to be considered inspired and were thought up by man, I would say it certainly is just a coincidence.

Isaiah 66:6 exclaims “The voice of the LORD, who fully replays His enemies!” while Psalm 66:6 praises the Lord for turning “sea into dry land” and that “There we will rejoice in Him.”

Shall we then skip over these verses when we come to them, cautious of 666 lest it somehow mark us or curse us? Or do we approach the Bible rationally and without superstitious thoughts and understand 666 as a future thing tied in with events that no saved person alive today will ever bear witness to?

The calendar may not give us 06-06-06 for a long time–certainly none of us will live to see it–but as very basic proof that this particular calendar date is not an harbinger of the end times, remember that 1000 years and 1 day ago, the date was 06-06-1006, or 06-06-06, and obviously the world didn’t fall to pieces then either.

I wonder if anyone will say anything next year about 07-07-07 (seven being the number of perfection or completion and three being the number of God)? Though it does seem to be human nature to be more interested in and curious of the things of Satan rather than the things of God.

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