Jumping Ship — A Follow Up

No, I don’t think I’ll put my name in for Sporting Goods. Toys may have its stressful times, but I do enjoy the department and the challenges it presents, even if the biggest challenge of the year is around the next corner… Blitz is ten days away, though I doubt that’ll be as bad as the Wednesday preceding it, the day that all of the Blitz merchandise has to be set out. Hmmm, combine the Blitz merch. with the items in the second November circular, and I have more toys that are supposed to be featured than I have places to feature them. That’s the challenge. :P

Oh, and we received our Blitz ads in store today… I’m disappointed. Definitely not “knock your socks off” savings like has been promised since our flop of a Blitz last year. Then again, I may be wrong. I hope I am. I certainly don’t want to be stuck with this merchandise afterwards!

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