Joy Unspeakable?

I want­ed to post this the oth­er day, but it slipped my mind until just a few moments ago. I came to real­iza­tion while I was at work on Fri­day (I think it was) that so very many peo­ple seem sim­ply unhap­py. Why is that? Even peo­ple who I know to be Chris­t­ian walk through the aisles at work look­ing noth­ing like they are liv­ing in the joy unspeak­able of Jesus Christ.

I sim­ply can­not under­stand this. In John Piper’s book See­ing and Savor­ing Jesus Christ, he point­ed out that Jesus Christ is the hap­pi­est being in exis­tence. He has infi­nite joy, and that joy is shared with all of those who believe in Him.

You would­n’t know it by the faces of the pub­lic. Again I ask… Why is that?






One response to “Joy Unspeakable?”

  1. Steve Avatar

    I think the answer is more than we want to deal with.

    Piper’s book is a gem!

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