Iowa Caucus Is Tonight

According to Google Analytics, I have a small group of Iowan readers, and so I’m posting this specifically for them. In just a few short hours, the Iowa presidential caucus will take place, and I want to encourage all you Iowans to get out there and support Ron Paul and, more importantly, a more limited federal government.

So, Iowans:

And if you are on Facebook, you are encouraged to join the group Caucus for Ron Paul to show your support: The revolution starts in Iowa!

To be honest, Ron Paul may not win the nomination; he may not be our next president. That outcome is quite likely, and I don’t consider it pessimistic to think so. Rather, perhaps the most important outcome of Ron Paul’s campaign this year will be to showcase the popularity of a limited, constitutional federal government. Proponents of a smaller federal government will have their voices heard and will find it hard to be ignored. Our candidate may not sit in the Oval Office next year, but the message will not be easily silenced.

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