Introducing OSian Journals

If I would stop starting new projects, I would probably advance the ones I already had into the mythical “more than they already are” status. Ah, that’ll be the day.

Anyway, many moons ago I registered the super domain name because I intended to develop a website for all my awesome friends in the Yahoo! Group Operation Salvation. Their current website, no offense to whoever put it together, didn’t offer much, and was hosted on, if I’m not mistaken, Yahoo! Geocities.

Time passed, and I never did anything with the OpSalv domain name, and so I offered my friend Brandon its use for a website he wanted to work on for a ministry called The Purpose. More time passed, and he had a message board setup, but nothing ever came from it, the whole project seemingly abandoned. Brandon, if you’re out there, it’d be nice to know if you’re still alive or not!

So I came to the conclusion that I should move ahead with the Operation Salvation website idea, an idea which was speeded along by the discovery of a great new software called Lyceum, which is a forked version of WordPress which offers multi-blogs capabilities. In other words, I install Lyceum, and the members of Operation Salvation can register freely for their own blog on their own domain name, building their own community separated from the likes of,, and other havens for–to be blunt–sin. I call this OpSalv blogging project OSians Journals, “OSian” being the generally accepted adjective for a member of Operation Salvation. I prefer the pronunciation “oceans,” though I have no idea what the “official” pronunciation is.

Like all of my works, OSians Journals is in its infancy, and currently only the dev blog (mine), a test blog, and one user’s blog (Love Never Fails, by Operation Salvation co-founder Hilary) exist. However, the fact that the service has already attracted one of the co-founders lends quite a bit of validity to it. Yes, it is not an official Operation Salvation service, nor is the domain name owned at all by the group, though I secretly hope that once this unofficial website provides a reasonable group website and services, it will be adopted as the official OSian website.

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