Happy Independence Day

Well, I made it through the fourth without a Christian antipatriotism rant. Perhaps later this week I’ll write something up. I did have something nearly ready to post, but it was too bitter for my tastes. Blind patriotism really bothers me, and I cannot find the reasoning behind pledging allegiance to anything but the Lord. The lack of logic is apparently not enough to keep the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States out of churches, though.

If true Christianity is ever banned in America (and we’re moving closer to that), all the Christians who have pledged their allegiance to this government (which Scripture says is ruled by Satan) will be forced to either reject Christ or break their bond. It is better to make no oath at all than to have to break it.

Yes, I said it, America is Satanic. It can be nothing else. God never condoned a government of, by, and for the people. It was the people who demanded a king, and we’re still demanding who we want in charge to this day. Will we never learn? God has himself declared that while the earth is his and the fullness thereof, the world systems belong to the adversary, Satan.

I pledge allegiance to the Lord, not to a nation whose freedoms are entirely dependent on majority rule, not the unchanging absolute truth of the Holy Scriptures.

Okay, so, maybe I couldn’t wait for that rant. Fireworks are fun to watch, though, even if they were playing war-glorifying patriotic country songs the whole time.

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