http:BL Lite — a WordPress Plugin

I am pleased to announce the release of http:BL Lite, a Word­Press plu­g­in derived from the http:BL Word­Press Plu­g­in.

By installing http:BL Lite, the IP address­es of vis­i­tors to your blog will be ver­i­fied against the Project Hon­ey Pot data­base. This means that known email har­vesters, com­ment spam­mers, or oth­er­wise sus­pi­cious users are blocked from access­ing your Word­Press site, pre­vent­ing them from exploit­ing or abus­ing it in any way.

The pri­ma­ry dif­fer­ence between http:BL Lite and the orig­i­nal http:BL Word­Press Plu­g­in is that my ver­sion does not include the log­ging fea­ture. I did not feel that it was nec­es­sary and pre­ferred the sim­plic­i­ty of the plu­g­in pri­or to log­ging being added. After strip­ping out all of the code per­tain­ing to the log­ging fea­ture, redesign­ing the plug­in’s option page, and clean­ing up var­i­ous aspects of the code, I decid­ed to release my ren­di­tion of the plu­g­in, with all thanks and appre­ci­a­tion going to Jan StÄ™pieÅ„.


  • Word­Press 2.0 or high­er. If it works with an old­er ver­sion, let me know!
  • PHP 4.2 or high­er. If it works with an old­er ver­sion, let me know!

Installation & Usage

  1. Down­load http:BL Lite.
  2. Decom­press the httpBL-Lite direc­to­ry and its con­tents to your /wp-contents/plugins directory.
  3. Upload the direc­to­ry to your server.
  4. Enable the plugin.
  5. Vis­it the plug­in’s options page; it will appear as a sub-page of the plu­g­ins area of your admin­is­tra­tion pan­el. Con­fig­ure the options per the details giv­en. You will need an http:BL Access Key. No, I can­not pro­vide this for you.
  6. After con­fig­ur­ing the set­tings, save them & enjoy!
  7. Would you care to chip in a few dol­lars toward my host­ing bill? 

    Help us pay our hosting bills! Please!


http:BL Lite is licensed under the GNU Gen­er­al Pub­lic License.


  • 1.0 — 2007/05/07 — Ini­tial release.

13 thoughts on “http:BL Lite — a WordPress Plugin”

  1. Hi Rick,

    I’m a devel­op­er for the pho­to­blog­ging soft­ware Pix­el­post and I would like to turn your plu­g­in into a plu­g­in for Pix­el­post. But before I do, I would like to know what your feel­ings are.

    Full cred­its will be giv­en in the source and adminpanel.

  2. That’s freakin’ awe­some, Schon­hose! The plu­g­in is GPLed, so port away!

    In addi­tion to giv­ing cred­it to me, cred­it should be giv­en as well to Jan Stępień, who made the orig­i­nal plu­g­in (of which mine is the “Lite” version).

  3. Rick, fun­ny thing is that your addon does­n’t seem to cre­ate any data­base fields. Ahh well, I have to write that myself. :D

  4. I man­aged to turn this plu­g­in into a plu­g­in for Pix­el­post. I have it on my blog for a test­drive and it works well. Inter­est­ing to see the sta­tis­tics from Project Honeypot.

  5. I am hav­ing trou­ble with spam­mers hit­ting my serv­er so hard that my hosts mysql serv­er can not keep up, would this plu­g­in low­er the amount of mysql queries being sent to the mysql server?

    Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to offer.


  6. I believe it would. If I’m not mis­tak­en, it uses the ear­li­est avail­able plu­g­in hook. The plu­g­in itself only access­es the options table.

  7. Yep, seems to be cor­rupt­ed. I don’t even think I have the orig­i­nal files to this any­more. It’s been two years — not even sure it’ll work in Word­Press at this point. Just use the Bad Behav­ior plu­g­in — it includes http:BL func­tion­al­i­ty, in addi­tion to loads of oth­er great protections.

  8. I want to be able to use WP Super Cache in the ‘full’ mode, which is incom­pat­i­ble with BB.

    I am using the orig­i­nal http:BL plu­g­in, and it does­n’t seem to be break­ing any­thing. It’s hard to know if it is stop­ping spam, though.

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