Honeymoon’s Over, Mr. President

Yes, I’m on vacation, and I should probably be just relaxing, playing Fallout 3 until my fingers fall off… But I’m addicted to the Internet, and going through withdrawals on my vacation doesn’t sound like a pleasant idea.

You know how infomercials, As Seen on TV ads, and the exuberant hosts thereof can make any product seem like it has almost magical properties of awesomeness? In the real world, though, these products inevitably fail to live up to expectations, but the salesmen did their job and got you to buy.

I wonder if the same thing is happening nationally with Barack Obama. He was presented as the Democratic Party’s golden boy, an agent of change in a nation that supposedly so desperately needs it. Songs were written to his awesomeness, and his eloquence caused angels to receive their wings. Okay, so I made that last part up, but given the hype…

It appears, though, that America is getting not only used to her “As Seen on TV” President, but she’s getting a bit disappointed with him as well.

Presidential Approval Index

Perhaps we need a giant “Voter Beware” tag on the top of ballots.

Hat Tip: The Real Revo (quickly becoming my new favorite politics blog)

(On a completely unrelated note, I’m very disappointed that not only did Bristol Palin get a major interview a few weeks ago, but today I saw her baby’s daddy on television being interviewed… They have done nothing to deserve this attention. Period. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. To make matters worse, both of them expressed that they had no regrets for their past actions. Fornication and illegitimate children… Yep, nothing wrong there.)

4 thoughts on “Honeymoon’s Over, Mr. President”

  1. Rick,

    Not meant harshly, but it has been TWO MONTHS…not 8 YEARS, and he inherited a nation on top of quicksand no less…

  2. I’m not for sure what 8 years has to do with it… It’s been just a couple of months, and already Obama is disappointing those who praised and adored him. This has less to do with the state of the nation he inherited and more to do with the fact that he promised all sorts of things which he isn’t going to accomplish, among other things.

    Go ahead and subscribe to The Real Revo, linked to in the above post. They’ll keep you up to date on all the things the media won’t tell you and I’m too lazy to research. :)

  3. You have to be careful about grabbing onto one poll. It is true his numbers have come down to earth – mainly due to republicans whipsawing back away from him – no real surprise there. He is after all a democrat. His test now is to navigate the ignorant outrage over the AIG bonuses. People are mad, whether or not the level of outrage is justified is debatable. Now has he been a disappointment – not in the least he has made many strides – the economy is a mess – no it is not Bush’s fault. That is ignorance of the political system and how things work. But they get credit for it when it is good, so they get the blame when it is bad – they knew that when they ran for office.

    We can all make the polls say whatever we want to fit our own preconceived notions. The same poll you cite gives a 57-42 approval/disapproval rating – similar to the election result. We live in a divided country. There was no actual honeymoon mainly cause the GOP has coalesced into a regional party filled with hardliners. That won’t last cause they will wake up and realize the country has moved center-left on a number of issues and they will rush to center and away from the hardliners. Same goes for the democrats, people are tiring of the ultra left and the ultra right, they only serve to hold back progress.

  4. I trully do not know what to think of Obama. Not that he is a bad guy or anything, but he is a Human…just a human. so from the beginning I never knew what all the hype was for. Instant gratification….that’s all we want, but in the predicament we are in today, it will take more than Obama to fix it.

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