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DEEP FEED Shawn Anthony has announced today DEEP FEED, a unified feed for “Deep Orthodoxy,” “Confessing Evangelicalism,” and “Biblically-based faith.”

In other words, Shawn hopes to provide a feed which Christians may freely subscribe to which will deliver to them Biblical content, saving them the trouble of browsing directories of sites, sifting through cult and heresy in order to find the Biblical.

To have your blog considered for inclusion, contact Shawn via his site inquiring about it, and make sure to mention your blog address.

Shawn, thank you for including Timothy’s Burden in this project! … But you’ve gotta get a better logo for it. A man digging for a feed icon just doesn’t scream “subscribe to this for Biblical Christian content.” ;)

7 thoughts on “Grab the DEEP FEED”

  1. LOL! I know Rick! I’m not a designer! I am a theologian! LOL! Any designers out there may feel so free to contribute!

    Rick, I can’t even tell you how your last paragraph cracked me up … I’m literally rolling! In the serious slick world of web 2.0, my attempt at a logo is hilarious! I love it! LOL!

    a man digging for a feed icon. LOL!

    My hear is full of good joy and laughter. :)

  2. Not a designer? And yet you have a super-sweet theme on your blog which your style sheet credits you for? Sure… :P

    If it’s any consolation, my wife (who is a designer) likes your logo. But I think it’d be neat if the feed icon and a well-recognized Christian symbol were worked together, so as to express “Christian content feed” better. Whether that symbol should be the Fish or the Cross, I dunno.

  3. Thanks to you wife! My wife thinks it is a funny logo. Yes, I designed my theme, but I am no designer. That’s a title for the Jost’s and Rundle’s of the world. They are great. I tend to hack stuff ’till it works. :)

    At any rate, I’ll mess around with the ideas you raise here re: the Christian symbol and feed icon … Great idea.

  4. Looking at the feed icon, I came up with this idea:

    Rotate the feed icon by 45 degrees clockwise, so it looks like a diamond and the white dot is in the left corner. This becomes the fish’s head, the dot being its eye and the two white curves suggest gills or other head details. Draw in the remaining outline of the fish, and the symbols are merged.

    Now, whether this can be made to look attractive or not, I have no idea, but that’s my idea contribution. :)

  5. Rick – that is a great idea. I’m trying to actually do it but the results are pretty ugly, to put it mildly. Have you actually tried to make this? What did you come up with?

    Also, I am in the process of moving this project off of the subdomain it currently resides in and to a top level domain. If we are going to do it, we may as well do it right (especially before to many get involved). I’ll be posting the updated info soon.

  6. Shawn, I’m no designer. I get a good idea every now and then, but implementing them is a different story. So, no I have not tried it.

    Glad to see the project moving along, though. Exciting! :)

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