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DEEP FEED Shawn Antho­ny has announced today DEEP FEED, a uni­fied feed for “Deep Ortho­doxy,” “Con­fess­ing Evan­gel­i­cal­ism,” and “Bib­li­cal­ly-based faith.”

In oth­er words, Shawn hopes to pro­vide a feed which Chris­tians may freely sub­scribe to which will deliv­er to them Bib­li­cal con­tent, sav­ing them the trou­ble of brows­ing direc­to­ries of sites, sift­ing through cult and heresy in order to find the Biblical.

To have your blog con­sid­ered for inclu­sion, con­tact Shawn via his site inquir­ing about it, and make sure to men­tion your blog address.

Shawn, thank you for includ­ing Tim­o­th­y’s Bur­den in this project! … But you’ve got­ta get a bet­ter logo for it. A man dig­ging for a feed icon just does­n’t scream “sub­scribe to this for Bib­li­cal Chris­t­ian content.” ;)

7 thoughts on “Grab the DEEP FEED”

  1. LOL! I know Rick! I’m not a design­er! I am a the­olo­gian! LOL! Any design­ers out there may feel so free to contribute!

    Rick, I can’t even tell you how your last para­graph cracked me up … I’m lit­er­al­ly rolling! In the seri­ous slick world of web 2.0, my attempt at a logo is hilar­i­ous! I love it! LOL!

    a man dig­ging for a feed icon. LOL!

    My hear is full of good joy and laughter. :)

  2. Not a design­er? And yet you have a super-sweet theme on your blog which your style sheet cred­its you for? Sure… :P

    If it’s any con­so­la­tion, my wife (who is a design­er) likes your logo. But I think it’d be neat if the feed icon and a well-rec­og­nized Chris­t­ian sym­bol were worked togeth­er, so as to express “Chris­t­ian con­tent feed” bet­ter. Whether that sym­bol should be the Fish or the Cross, I dunno.

  3. Thanks to you wife! My wife thinks it is a fun­ny logo. Yes, I designed my theme, but I am no design­er. That’s a title for the Jost’s and Rundle’s of the world. They are great. I tend to hack stuff ’till it works. :)

    At any rate, I’ll mess around with the ideas you raise here re: the Chris­t­ian sym­bol and feed icon … Great idea.

  4. Look­ing at the feed icon, I came up with this idea:

    Rotate the feed icon by 45 degrees clock­wise, so it looks like a dia­mond and the white dot is in the left cor­ner. This becomes the fish’s head, the dot being its eye and the two white curves sug­gest gills or oth­er head details. Draw in the remain­ing out­line of the fish, and the sym­bols are merged.

    Now, whether this can be made to look attrac­tive or not, I have no idea, but that’s my idea contribution. :)

  5. Rick — that is a great idea. I’m try­ing to actu­al­ly do it but the results are pret­ty ugly, to put it mild­ly. Have you actu­al­ly tried to make this? What did you come up with?

    Also, I am in the process of mov­ing this project off of the sub­do­main it cur­rent­ly resides in and to a top lev­el domain. If we are going to do it, we may as well do it right (espe­cial­ly before to many get involved). I’ll be post­ing the updat­ed info soon.

  6. Shawn, I’m no design­er. I get a good idea every now and then, but imple­ment­ing them is a dif­fer­ent sto­ry. So, no I have not tried it.

    Glad to see the project mov­ing along, though. Exciting! :)

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