Gotta Have More Cow Bell

A couple of weeks ago, around the time of the last OpenHook update, Jamie Varon chose to grab something off of my Amazon Wishlist for me to support OpenHook’s development. Her choice? A cow bell!

And yesterday I finally figured out how to get a good sound out of it. And shortly thereafter, Jamie tweeted me again requesting a video of the accomplishment.

Not wanting to disappoint, especially on such an easy request, here you go, for better or worse, a video of me, a cow bell, and a drum stick. Try to enjoy.

I hope you ignored my hair. It does its own thing; I just try not to make it angry.

15 thoughts on “Gotta Have More Cow Bell”

  1. Yes, that was “Lowrider” by War; it’s one of the most annoying popular songs I’ve ever heard, but I hear it nightly as I watch “George Lopez” on a fairly regular basis in reruns.

    Thanks for watching. :)

  2. Need more Lego’s? I have about a pickup truck load of them. My son is about to go to Marine Corps boot camp. I will see if he wants to save them for later, perhaps for his kids. Dunno.

    Might go the way of his G.I. Joe’s. Guys and dolls, er, action figures. Sorry…

  3. Ha! What an awesome video!

    Not surprised there are tutorials on how to play the cow bell. Glad you’re getting good use out of it!

    And, you did say my last name wrong, but that’s ok. Most people do. =)

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