Google in China

I want to briefly address something I read on Sister Amy Scott’s blog, that she liked Google, “even if they sold out to the Chinese.” She refers, of course, to the decision of Google to provide a censored search for its users in China.
Does this decision constitute “selling out,” and should it be an “even if” condition of liking them, especially for a Christian?

Consider this: in order to operate their business in China, Google must place themselves under the authority of the Chinese government. In doing so, they are biblically obligated to obey the laws and mandates of this government. In other words, praise God that in a world where rebellion is oft lauded (the American Revolution comes to mind), Google steps up and chooses to obey in order to operate in China.

No comment on the fact that in America, Google is choosing to disobey the government’s requests of providing search details. (Remember, biblically, we are to be subject to our rulers, not just the laws of the land.) Duplicity isn’t exactly a character trait to be applauded, but the unscriptural system of democracy is well suited for it.

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