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Google: How Things Should Work

Google Search Result Screen

  • Every search term was interpreted correctly.
  • The search was recognized as a physical place description.
  • A local map of that place was found and displayed.
  • The exact address of the place was displayed.
  • Relevant links, such as for directions or further place information (including related websites), were made readily accessible.
  • And of course, the first search result was perfect, even displaying the date of when I last visited that result, which served to verify without having to visit the site or read its description that it was the one I was looking for.

Minor, commonplace things, perhaps, but I applaud Google for making everything so intuitive.

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Seems to be a good, solid reformed church that you can grow spiritually. It certainly seems far more spiritual than a church plagued with crazy King James Only fundamentalists who would rather be angry than spiritual.

But that’s just my take on it…

Shawn: I’m eagerly looking forward to the day when God raises up a Reformed church here in town; a five minute drive is much preferable than 40 minutes, plus it would be easier to foster a sense of community, especially outside the church’s physical walls.

However, I really enjoyed Christ Presbyterian. There were some things that were unfamiliar to me (a very ordered service, complete with Invocation and Benediction portions, for example) and then there’s the tiny matter of mode and timing of baptism, but there is certainly nothing that, for me, would hinder fellowship or unity in Christ. As a Baptist, I might be a slightly different colored sheep at that particular fellowship, but we share the same Shepherd.

And yes, it is a lifting of many burdens to not be under the yoke of King James Onlyism (or anti-CCM-ism, or women-must-wear-skirts-ism, etc.).

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