God’s Grace Can Change Prophecy?

Today, on the way home from work, I was lis­ten­ing to the usu­al radio pro­gram. Dur­ing the seg­ment of it I caught today, they played sev­er­al record­ed callers prais­ing their show, and that’s fine — it’s nice to know what peo­ple think. One of the callers caught my atten­tion, raised an eye­brow, and caused me to be a whole lot less focused on the road than I should have been.

He said, loud­ly and exu­ber­ant­ly, and to the best of my rec­ol­l­lec­tion, “I got a mes­sage from God! I heard a mes­sage from God! His grace can change prophecy!”

God’s grace can change prophecy!


I can only assume that the prophe­cy in ques­tion was the judg­ments men­tioned in Rev­e­la­tion; Rev­e­la­tion’s events are typ­i­cal­ly what the pro­gram in ques­tion focus­es on anyway.

Cer­tain­ly there have been con­di­tion­al prophe­cies — the “turn or per­ish” prophe­cy was giv­en to quite a few groups by the prophets of old. Rev­e­la­tion’s prophe­cies don’t have that con­di­tion­al; they are proph­e­sied as if they are going to hap­pen, whether we want them to or not.

What do you think? Can grace change prophe­cy? And if that’s true, why are the Scrip­tures “a more sure word of prophe­cy” if they are conditional?

2 thoughts on “God’s Grace Can Change Prophecy?”

  1. I don’t know for sure, but Abra­ham’s prayer regard­ing Sodom and Gomor­rah come to mind, not to men­tion the prayer Moses made when he begged God not to destroy Israel. King Hezeki­ah was told that he was about to die, but God heard his fer­vent prayer and post­poned his death sen­tence. I don’t know if He actu­al­ly changed His mind or if it was con­di­tion­al. I know the in the case of Sodom and Gomor­rah, it was just too evil to con­tin­ue. That makes me won­der just how far have we gone down that path? For us to change prophe­cy would­n’t we have to change the con­di­tions first? I mean, take the world today — if we all got right with God, what point would he end of the world make? Prophe­cy, as it is cur­rent­ly writ­ten, real­ly would­n’t be cor­rect. Regard­less, we should keep pray­ing to God — He is a God who answers prayer and He will nev­er leave us or for­sake us.

  2. I have had a bat­tle in my heart that has been going on for years with prophe­cy. I just cant make myself believe that God does­n’t have the abil­i­ty to change his mind or change his plans. We all make choic­es con­tin­u­ous­ly in life. That being said how could things not change in life. Of course, God knows every­thing but he also gives us free will. There are 2 sides to every coin it does­n’t mat­ter if both sides are heads there are still 2 sides. Your heart changes and some­times fails instead of fol­lows God’s word. If the choic­es you make aren’t the same as a prophet­ic per­son first wit­nessed them to be then how can we sit here and say that the Lords mind does­n’t change with that. I just can’t believe the lord sets things in stone if that was the case then why give us free will or the abil­i­ty to change our minds.

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