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I’m hav­ing one of those peri­ods where I sim­ply can­not focus. I sit down with inten­tions to blog, yet no words reach the page, so to speak. As I went to sleep yes­ter­day, for about 30 min­utes my thoughts were on clos­ing down all of my sites and focus­ing my atten­tion on my wife’s site, on Justin’s site, and essen­tial­ly on serv­ing rather than try­ing to fig­ure my own things out.

I blame the mis­er­able mix of aller­gies & heat on that whole peri­od of thought.

Frankly, I enjoy blog­ging — read­ing them, writ­ing in mine, and fol­low­ing the devel­op­ment of the soft­ware involved. (What­ev­er hap­pened to Habari?) I can’t wait for Word­Press 2.3 & native tag­ging support.

I won­der if I’ll ever use it.

I’m get­ting bored with my Cars diecast toys check­list. Maybe I’ll just strip that whole sec­tion down to sim­ply the down­load­able check­lists and let the col­lec­tors bat­tle among them­selves for all the var­i­ous details. I don’t own a sin­gle one of the toys; frankly, I have no interest.

And to all those grownups who spend their time col­lect­ing these toys & Hot Wheels & sim­i­lar, I pity you. If you have that kind of mon­ey to waste on toys that no one’s going to play with, why don’t you donate it to some­one? I’m sure there are plen­ty of fam­i­lies which can­not afford toys for their chil­dren; why not buy them some toys? I’m remind­ed of what Paul said; when he became a man, he put away child­ish things.

And speak­ing of child­ish things, I’m going through an enter­tain­ment cri­sis. Yeah, I know I’ve reviewed movies here, and I’ve allowed myself to be con­vinced of their “okay-ness” by the Emer­gent Church “fact” that we should embrace the cul­ture in order to engage the culture.

Yet at the same time, I’m chal­lenged & con­vict­ed by more bib­li­cal­ly-ori­ent­ed teach­ings such as It makes sense. Should media be patron­ized which takes the name of the Lord in vain? Such is ubiq­ui­tous in our soci­ety, no doubt. I con­fess to using “God” & “Lord” as inter­jec­tions far too often.

But Yah­we­h’s warn­ing leaves no doubt as to how He feels about the prac­tice. Read the Deca­logue again (Exo­dus 20); Yah­weh says He will not hold blame­less those who take His name in vain.

So what does my dol­lar paid to Hol­ly­wood (or the book indus­try or what­ev­er) say when I patron­ize those things con­tain­ing blasphemy?

Maybe they say “I’m just pay­ing for the movie; it’s not like *I’m* doing the blaspheming.”

Or “Exo­dus 20 is so Old Tes­ta­ment; here I am, enter­tain me.”

Or maybe it says that I’m com­pla­cent in my beliefs — nei­ther hot nor cold, but dis­gust­ing­ly luke­warm, wor­thy to be vom­it­ed straight out of Yah­we­h’s mouth.

Frankly, I don’t know. Judg­ing by Exo­dus 20, it seems far too impor­tant to ignore, however.

Heat. Heat. Heat. Lord, give us rain.

Ooh, such a headache. I can tell it’s mak­ing me a bit more bit­ter as I write; does that come through much when you read this? Are you read­ing this? This far in? I’m impressed.

I haven’t free writ­ten for about six or sev­en years, I think. We learned about it one of our lan­guage arts class­es in high school. Just write. Think as lit­tle as pos­si­ble. Don’t ques­tion your­self. Don’t check spelling. Don’t wor­ry about gram­mar. (Those last two things are dif­fi­cult to “turn off,” unfortunately).

I’ve heard that some peo­ple think free writ­ing is too “occult,” that by “not think­ing” about what you write, you’ll end up being used as a chan­nel for demons to speak through.

And while I believe in demon­ic activ­i­ty prob­a­bly more so than your aver­age Chris­t­ian, here I am free writing.

Hav­ing under­stand­ing about the Scrip­tures is bet­ter than hav­ing super­sti­tions thereof.

Why are peo­ple so apt to say they’ll help with a project but dis­ap­pear soon after it’s set up with­out ever contributing?

I’m close to tak­ing down my blog from; that’ll give me three nice domain names that I don’t know what to do with. The oth­ers are and Justin, if you’re read­ing this, I’m offer­ing one of those domains to you so you can get your blog off of the sub­do­main & onto a true domain. If you’re inter­est­ed, drop a com­ment and I’ll get it all switched over. Your blog’s got a lot of poten­tial, and I want to help you devel­op it.

Oh, I also have and; I’ll like­ly let them expire. They cer­tain­ly won’t have been the first of my domains to go by the wayside!

My dad men­tioned he wants me to host (and devel­op?) a new web­site for him after he moves and starts oper­at­ing his home improve­ment busi­ness from the new loca­tion. Neat. He wants me to charge him, though. How does one know what to charge? I’ve more host­ing resources than I know what to do with, so that part isn’t any prob­lem at all; though, I don’t deny that hav­ing the extra mon­ey to alle­vi­ate host­ing costs would be A Good Thing. Ah, busi­ness. ($382.80 due some­time in Feb­ru­ary of ’08 for the next two years of host­ing; joy.)

A song from Falling Up’s remix album “Exit>Lights” just began; that’s the only album of theirs I’ve ever heard, and it’s awe­some. I won­der if their orig­i­nal mate­r­i­al lives up to the remix­es. If so, I look for­ward to some­time hear­ing more of them.

I just real­ized I’ve been adding para­graph breaks. I don’t think free writes are sup­posed to be for­mat­ted thus.

Oh well.






3 responses to “free writing”

  1. khaled Avatar

    What hap­pened to Habari? Noth­ing, it’s still going strong as we keep adding more and new mem­bers to the ranks while updat­ing the code left and right for our 3rd release :).

  2. Justin Avatar

    free writ­ing is too fun i think we should try it more often but then again that get s too con­fus­ing for me because i make a lot of errors and i am such an prop­er writ­ing guy. i dont see i’m sttop­ing now because im think­ing about it. im not good a free writ­ing. ahh­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­hh got­ta keep writ­ing no think­ing just write write write write write write and thats get­ting annoy­ing im sure but who cares ahh­hh i cant delete stop cor­rect­ing your mis­takes justin youre not sup­posed to do that you know. haha­ha­ha­ha­ha­hah­ha­ha­ha­ha okay i think ive annoyed you all enough.

  3. Rick Beckman Avatar

    Whoa, khaled, did­n’t expect some­one to actu­al­ly pick up on my men­tion of Habari and com­ment here. :P Glad to hear the pro­jec­t’s mov­ing along! When I first heard about it, I half expect­ed it to fade into sta­t­ic of blog­dom and not gain much trac­tion; while writ­ing the above, it occurred to me I had­n’t heard much about it, which of course explains what I wrote.

    Look­ing for­ward to giv­ing Habari a test dri­ve. I’ll prob­a­bly wait at least until the betas start appearing.

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