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I’m having one of those periods where I simply cannot focus. I sit down with intentions to blog, yet no words reach the page, so to speak. As I went to sleep yesterday, for about 30 minutes my thoughts were on closing down all of my sites and focusing my attention on my wife’s site, on Justin’s site, and essentially on serving rather than trying to figure my own things out.

I blame the miserable mix of allergies & heat on that whole period of thought.

Frankly, I enjoy blogging — reading them, writing in mine, and following the development of the software involved. (Whatever happened to Habari?) I can’t wait for WordPress 2.3 & native tagging support.

I wonder if I’ll ever use it.

I’m getting bored with my Cars diecast toys checklist. Maybe I’ll just strip that whole section down to simply the downloadable checklists and let the collectors battle among themselves for all the various details. I don’t own a single one of the toys; frankly, I have no interest.

And to all those grownups who spend their time collecting these toys & Hot Wheels & similar, I pity you. If you have that kind of money to waste on toys that no one’s going to play with, why don’t you donate it to someone? I’m sure there are plenty of families which cannot afford toys for their children; why not buy them some toys? I’m reminded of what Paul said; when he became a man, he put away childish things.

And speaking of childish things, I’m going through an entertainment crisis. Yeah, I know I’ve reviewed movies here, and I’ve allowed myself to be convinced of their “okay-ness” by the Emergent Church “fact” that we should embrace the culture in order to engage the culture.

Yet at the same time, I’m challenged & convicted by more biblically-oriented teachings such as It makes sense. Should media be patronized which takes the name of the Lord in vain? Such is ubiquitous in our society, no doubt. I confess to using “God” & “Lord” as interjections far too often.

But Yahweh’s warning leaves no doubt as to how He feels about the practice. Read the Decalogue again (Exodus 20); Yahweh says He will not hold blameless those who take His name in vain.

So what does my dollar paid to Hollywood (or the book industry or whatever) say when I patronize those things containing blasphemy?

Maybe they say “I’m just paying for the movie; it’s not like *I’m* doing the blaspheming.”

Or “Exodus 20 is so Old Testament; here I am, entertain me.”

Or maybe it says that I’m complacent in my beliefs — neither hot nor cold, but disgustingly lukewarm, worthy to be vomited straight out of Yahweh’s mouth.

Frankly, I don’t know. Judging by Exodus 20, it seems far too important to ignore, however.

Heat. Heat. Heat. Lord, give us rain.

Ooh, such a headache. I can tell it’s making me a bit more bitter as I write; does that come through much when you read this? Are you reading this? This far in? I’m impressed.

I haven’t free written for about six or seven years, I think. We learned about it one of our language arts classes in high school. Just write. Think as little as possible. Don’t question yourself. Don’t check spelling. Don’t worry about grammar. (Those last two things are difficult to “turn off,” unfortunately).

I’ve heard that some people think free writing is too “occult,” that by “not thinking” about what you write, you’ll end up being used as a channel for demons to speak through.

And while I believe in demonic activity probably more so than your average Christian, here I am free writing.

Having understanding about the Scriptures is better than having superstitions thereof.

Why are people so apt to say they’ll help with a project but disappear soon after it’s set up without ever contributing?

I’m close to taking down my blog from; that’ll give me three nice domain names that I don’t know what to do with. The others are and Justin, if you’re reading this, I’m offering one of those domains to you so you can get your blog off of the subdomain & onto a true domain. If you’re interested, drop a comment and I’ll get it all switched over. Your blog’s got a lot of potential, and I want to help you develop it.

Oh, I also have and; I’ll likely let them expire. They certainly won’t have been the first of my domains to go by the wayside!

My dad mentioned he wants me to host (and develop?) a new website for him after he moves and starts operating his home improvement business from the new location. Neat. He wants me to charge him, though. How does one know what to charge? I’ve more hosting resources than I know what to do with, so that part isn’t any problem at all; though, I don’t deny that having the extra money to alleviate hosting costs would be A Good Thing. Ah, business. ($382.80 due sometime in February of ’08 for the next two years of hosting; joy.)

A song from Falling Up’s remix album “Exit>Lights” just began; that’s the only album of theirs I’ve ever heard, and it’s awesome. I wonder if their original material lives up to the remixes. If so, I look forward to sometime hearing more of them.

I just realized I’ve been adding paragraph breaks. I don’t think free writes are supposed to be formatted thus.

Oh well.

3 thoughts on “free writing”

  1. What happened to Habari? Nothing, it’s still going strong as we keep adding more and new members to the ranks while updating the code left and right for our 3rd release :).

  2. free writing is too fun i think we should try it more often but then again that get s too confusing for me because i make a lot of errors and i am such an proper writing guy. i dont see i’m sttoping now because im thinking about it. im not good a free writing. ahhhhhhhhhhh gotta keep writing no thinking just write write write write write write and thats getting annoying im sure but who cares ahhhh i cant delete stop correcting your mistakes justin youre not supposed to do that you know. hahahahahahahahhahahaha okay i think ive annoyed you all enough.

  3. Whoa, khaled, didn’t expect someone to actually pick up on my mention of Habari and comment here. :P Glad to hear the project’s moving along! When I first heard about it, I half expected it to fade into static of blogdom and not gain much traction; while writing the above, it occurred to me I hadn’t heard much about it, which of course explains what I wrote.

    Looking forward to giving Habari a test drive. I’ll probably wait at least until the betas start appearing.

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