Free Thoughts, 9/26/06

Halloween is approaching. Yay, candy! Boo, commercialized pagan activities!

Our first house payment isn’t due for over a month. How great is that? A month without rent or a house payment? “I’m in the money…” (or, at least more of it than usual; a handy state to be in, regardless of the amount, I suppose).

Work has been, though busy, fantastic the past several days. Sure, lots of hard work has been done and physically I am tired and sore (quite possibly due to moving to our new house a little over a week ago as well), but going through our inventory, things went very smoothly–moreso than what I had expected, at least in my area. So, I am happy for that.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is turning out to be a pretty good game, though I haven’t done a whole lot of anything within it, yet.

Surround sound systems utilized without concern for neighboring apartments (as there are none now) are beautiful things.

The sermon series available here by Arturo G. Azurdia III is fantastic. It’s free, so go listen to it. The extent to which he explains the doctrines of grace is excellent; I’ve been told his voice is annoying, but I didn’t find it so. Hopefully, you won’t either.

Work is progressing on what I hope will be a popular “blogging grounds” for Christians. I call it Ready Scribe, and it is a place where, surprise, people can sign up for a free account and with it can create one or one hundred blogs about whatever they want. I’m often working on Ready Scribe–tweaking things, adding new themes to choose from, and so on. If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, but haven’t gotten around to it, check us out at Ready Scribe. While the emphasis certainly is on Christianity, I cannot say you must be a Christian to use the service; however, we do ask that your content be not hostile to biblical Christianity nor contain adult material, profanity, and so on. The goal when we started this was to provide a community website which didn’t have the typical community moral abyss as seen on things like MySpace.

This was just sent to me via instant message. In the spirit of random, free thoughts, I am sharing it with everyone else as well. Thanks, Shawn.

Chris Thile’s new album How to Grow a Woman from the Ground contains the f-word, perhaps a first in the history of bluegrass albums (as noted here). Listening on Thile’s MySpace page (warning: “Heart in a Cage” contains the word in question; the music player on that page may auto-play it), I enjoyed “Ophelia” and “The Eleventh Reel.” Did he really have to ruin the whole album for me? I may have to be it track-at-a-time somewhere. D’oh.

In a similar vein to Chris Thile, Sean Watkin‘s new album sounds fantastic, judging by the samples on his site. I have greatly enjoyed Watkins’ albums Let It Fall and 26 Miles and look forward to more great material from him in the future.

There’s a pizza sitting right in front of me. It deserves to be eaten.

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