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I made my first website sometime in the late nineties, back when HTML 4.01 was the standard to meet, and the “cool” things to do involved changing the color of the scrollbars or introducing transitions between page views… Things which I’m glad to have seen gone by the wayside.

In those nearly fifteen years, I have picked up plenty of useful knowledge, largely centered around WordPress.

This knowledge goes beyond knowing how to tinker with a block of code; I have come to believe in people, having seen too many companies with admittedly great products or services treat people as numbers, clients, or (worse case) nuisances. Respect & a friendly personality are what I bring to the table. And while I’m not opposed to doing work for larger companies, I prefer working with individuals or small businesses, helping them to find a footing online, a foundation from which their online presence can grow as needed.


So what can I do for you? (All prices are in USD.)

If you don’t see a service you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Basic Start

If you don’t have a website yet, I want to help you get up & running! When complete, you will have a fully operational website awaiting your content.

  • I highly recommend Dreamhost for your Web hosting needs. It’s only about $120 per year, comes with a free domain name for the life of your hosting account, and offers unlimited bandwidth & storage, great support, and much more.
  • For content hosting, I recommend WordPress & for message boards (forums), phpBB.


  • Installation & initial configuration of one major program (such as WordPress or phpBB): $150
  • If you don’t already have a web host & domain name and want those things set up for you as well, add $50 to the above price.
Basic Start + Training

This is the same as the basic start package above but it includes two hours of “boot camp” training to get you started adding content to your site. I’ll do my best to anticipate your needs during this training, but if you could be prepared with the questions you need answered beforehand, that’d be fantastic. The mode of this training (whether via instant messenger, phone call, or in person [if you’re local enough]) is up to you.

Price: Whichever “Basic Start” package you choose + $125

WordPress Basics

WordPress is a fantastic platform in & of itself, but the chances are good that you’re going to want to extend your site beyond the basic features of WordPress. Whether you’re wanting to improve spam protection or add a list of your most popular posts, this is the package for you.

Pricing for this package is wholly variable; I’ll discuss with you the particular needs of your site, from which I’ll be able to quote you a fee.

WordPress SEO

Anyone who claims to be an expert in search engine optimization is lying to you. The fact of the matter is that SEO is a moving target. I believe in a simple, common sense approach to SEO, and this package will include up to two hours of 1-on-1 training (in the same manner specified above under “Basic Start + Training”), registration of your site with Google, and a review of up to five posts or pages on your site for SEO quality. I believe it is important to use your own content as you write it for this so that you best know how to apply SEO best practices.

Price: $250

Disclaimer: I make no guarantees or promises regarding search engine placement. Attaining high-ranking results for quality keywords is difficult to do, and I’ll explain why during the training session when I explain the best practices that may help you attain better rankings.

Technical Support & Maintenance

Whether you have specific issues that need sorted out (website displaying errors, something is too slow, plugins won’t install properly, you need something changed around and it’s beyond your ability, etc.) or you simply want a preventative maintenance overview, I can help you out with that! Minimum billable time is one hour of work, and the cost is $75 per hour.

If you want someone who will keep your eye on your site, ensuring everything (core software, plugins, themes) stays up-to-date and working smoothly, $500 will get you six months of coverage, with at least four checks on your site per week. (For every additional six months of coverage, the price is discounted; i.e., one year of coverage is $950, 18 months is $1400…)

Security Audit

The Web is full of bad people (or compromised computers, running amok) that want nothing more than to gain control of your website. The reasons for this are diverse, if there is any reason at all, but a great deal of these problems can be stopped. If your site is powered by WordPress, I would love to help fortify your site using a variety of tricks & tools I’ve picked up over the years. This audit covers protection against both spammers & hackers, and it costs $350.

Disclaimer: No system, even a secured one, can be considered 100% secure. Therefore, included in the $350 is one year of recovery coverage; if your website is compromised, I will assist you in getting back up and running as smoothly as possible.

And more!

It’s hard to anticipate all the needs you may have, so if you don’t see a WordPress-related service here, get in touch! We might be able to work something out.

Note: Visual design isn’t my forte. While I can adapt free or open source designs to Thesis — my WordPress theme framework of choice — creating new & original designs is not in my skill set. But if you need small design work or refinements, get in touch!

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