Five More Days

Alicia and I are finally in the homse stretch leading up to our wedding this Saturday, and the excitement is certainly building.

Yesterday was a big day for us as we managed to get most of our stuff moved into our apartment. We had tons of help doing so, and I can’t thank enough those who did show up and help.

Our parents and other assorted relatives have been quick to point out that we have it a lot better than they did when they were our age or when they got married. And for what it’s worth, they are probably right. I’m amazed at all that we have been given: luxurious couch and love seat, tons of kitchen stuffs, a new bed, a bedroom suite, and more. And all of that is now in a two bedroom apartment, giving us more space than many probably start out in.

However, were I to look at what they are saying through a more proper perspective (or at least one more in line with my way of thinking), I still agree that we are starting off better, but it has nothing to do with possessions or net worth or anything like that.

Alicia and I are both Christians–not just saved, but saved and serving. Moreso than anything else, that will enable us to have a wonderful relationship for many years to come, allowing us to rest upon God’s love even during times when our own may be strained for whatever reasons.

I am not implying that we’re better people than our families in any way; I am giving God and God alone the credit for this–it is His love, His forgiveness, His peace, and His trust which will permeate our marriage. If we fail in any way as husband and wife, it will be because we have taken our focus off of Him, set something else up as an idol, and fell because of it.

I still see a lot of room for growth in my spiritual life as well, and being united with Ali will allow us to grow together. And so far as I see it, so long as we have room to grow in Christ, we’ll always have something to work toward while awaiting our homecoming into Heaven.

Oh, and perhaps someday when I have internet access set up at the apartment and fix my scanner, I may post pics of my new home, which I will officially be living at this coming Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Five More Days”

  1. Thanks, Penta! Been married for a couple of days now, and I’m loving it. I do miss having the Internet at home (which is now an apartment), but it is a sacrifice which will soon be remedied, I hope. It is also one well worth it.

    I hope to be up and blogging soon enough. Until then, this comment shall sum up things: the wedding was awesome, pictures are forthcoming, and married life is so far great.

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