Finding the Perfect Home Church

I believe that every Christian should be able to attend a church with likeminded believers. As Paul repeatedly admonished, we’re to be of one mind.

And I also believe that a Christian should not have to attend a church which he opposes on important issues.

That being said, I know well that there are good churches here in Connersville. Garrison Creek Baptist, Eastview Baptist, and Temple Baptist easily come to mind.

However, I am looking for a church that is doctrinally like a Baptist or Plymouth Brethren church. I believe simplicity in worship is important and am increasingly convinced that anything done in worship or as a matter of religion that isn’t explicitely commanded by God is sin, which is a principle of the Reformation known as the Regulative Principle, if I’m not mistaken.

And I believe King James Onlyism to be a dangerous teaching as well as a denial of the foundational truth of sola Scriptura.

As an extension of sola Scriptura, I accept contemporary music (the first and last mention of music you can dance to in Scripture are positive mentions, not to mention the constant use of percussion in Hebrew music), but not in assembled worship.

Further, I would want to attend a church in which I could serve. I could attend and perhaps even be a member of a King James Only church, but I doubt they’d let me serve because in teaching the whole counsel of God I would of necessity use other Bible versions, if only by passing reference. And though I could attend a non-King James Only church, the only one I’ve stumbled on so far that is for the most part doctrinally sound is fairly extravagant in its worship, which makes me more uncomfortable and which I woudl inevitably teach against if given the opportunity to serve. I’m not opposed to attending an assembly in which there would be something that I would find biblically wrong, but if I could find a fairly sound church to begin with, I would be thrilled.

Also, it would be grand if I could avoid getting caught up in a denomination which approves of women leadership, endorses sinful behavior, embraces Catholicism, and believes that a person cannot serve the church or be appointed to a position unless he has a degree backed by a school which is in agreement with the church. Jesus appointed unlearned fishermen to lead the church, after all.

If you are in the Connersville, Indiana, area and you know of a church which you think I would enjoy, please let me know. And if you are in the area and you are looking for the same, let me know. The walk down the narrow way doesn’t necessarily begin in a group, and if it takes starting a biblical church with just one or two other people, then it would be a journey well worth it.

But I need to find a suitable place soon. I greatly miss the fellowship and communion of the saints.

3 thoughts on “Finding the Perfect Home Church”

  1. Rick, a good post, and highly recommend you stick to your convictions on what you touched on. I pray you find what fits to what you’re looking for. A true New Testament assembly……..of course there is one here in Clementsvale, Nova Scotia if you wish to make the trip ;)

  2. You may be called upon to form your own Church. Ask the question “Is Christ reallly present here” when you happen upon a group.

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