Final Jeopardy Category, “Genesis 1”

In a recent comment on a 9rules Note, Andrew asked the following:

[I]n the recent discussion about the ‘official’ scientific classification of our universe, questions of on the existence of life on other planets or indeed in other galaxies has been brought back in the spotlight. If ever such a discovery was made, wouldn’t it jeopardise the entire first chapter of the Old Testament?

That’s a great question. Would the verification of extraterrestrial life jeopardize or even make null and void entirely the history told in Genesis 1?

I have to say, No, it would not. And honestly I am not saying that simply because I believe the Bible to be infallible (though i do with all my heart). Rather, I say it because there is nothing in Genesis 1 or anywhere else in Scripture which requires the statement “Life exists on other planets” to be false.

To be quite honest, I would not be surprised if life did exist on other planets. We know that life does exist independently of Earth, after all, in the form of God, His angels, Satan, his angels, and the departed souls of the dead, not to mention the various other citizens of Heaven (seraphim and cherubim, for example). By definition, these are extraterrestrial beings. So, E.T. does exist, though not in the way Spieldberg envisioned.

Anyway, like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised. The universe is mind-bogglingly huge. “Ginormous” doesn’t even begin to describe it. (And the thought of God creating the whole shebang with nought but a word is even more mind-boggling!) We know that the universe was created with the end of glorifying God. We were made for the same reason, as was every other creature which walks this earth.

Whether or not extraterrestrial other-planetory life would be intelligent or not, I can’t say. Whether they are more like beasts or more like man, I can’t say. Are they tri-partite with body, soul, and spirit? Again, I can’t say.

Speculation can be fun, but all that aside, what we have on Earth is far more impressive than anything the stars could show us: Mankind, the only beings created in the image of God. The only beings loved by God enough that He would become one and die as one in order to save them.

Extraterrestrial life may fascinate and wow our minds, and if it is ever discovered, that discovery may very well revolutionize the world.

But eternally and in the mind of God, mankind stands out as special.

If extraterrestrial life is ever discovered, great. If it isn’t, that’s just fine to. But whether it is or isn’t, it does not affect the belief that God created all that is. After all, if He is capable of creating creatures which live cracks in the earth’s crust on the floor of the ocean where temperatures are extremely hot, He is most certainly capable of creating a silicon-based lifeform or even such exotic beings as 0, *, or Gorgon, not to mention Q.

Consider that Earth was granted to man to be under his dominion. Unless that grant included the rest of the universe, it does not seem too far fetched that other created beings are overseeing other areas of the cosmos. Perhaps angels play a role in this.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to be conclusive about this, and it is even more fun to speculate, so I’ll stop before I get really carried away with science-fiction induced rambling. :)

2 thoughts on “Final Jeopardy Category, “Genesis 1””

  1. Rick, great post. I wasn’t expecting this kind of response to a question written on the fly. Kudos to you, Ben Gray and 9rules for providing the new ‘Notes’ function. I take your point about the Bible not stating anything against the possibility of ET life.

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