Final Jeopardy Category, “Genesis 1”

In a recent com­ment on a 9rules Note, Andrew asked the following:

[I]n the recent dis­cus­sion about the ‘offi­cial’ sci­en­tif­ic clas­si­fi­ca­tion of our uni­verse, ques­tions of on the exis­tence of life on oth­er plan­ets or indeed in oth­er galax­ies has been brought back in the spot­light. If ever such a dis­cov­ery was made, would­n’t it jeop­ar­dise the entire first chap­ter of the Old Testament?

That’s a great ques­tion. Would the ver­i­fi­ca­tion of extrater­res­tri­al life jeop­ar­dize or even make null and void entire­ly the his­to­ry told in Gen­e­sis 1? 

I have to say, No, it would not. And hon­est­ly I am not say­ing that sim­ply because I believe the Bible to be infal­li­ble (though i do with all my heart). Rather, I say it because there is noth­ing in Gen­e­sis 1 or any­where else in Scrip­ture which requires the state­ment “Life exists on oth­er plan­ets” to be false.

To be quite hon­est, I would not be sur­prised if life did exist on oth­er plan­ets. We know that life does exist inde­pen­dent­ly of Earth, after all, in the form of God, His angels, Satan, his angels, and the depart­ed souls of the dead, not to men­tion the var­i­ous oth­er cit­i­zens of Heav­en (seraphim and cheru­bim, for exam­ple). By def­i­n­i­tion, these are extrater­res­tri­al beings. So, E.T. does exist, though not in the way Spield­berg envisioned.

Any­way, like I said, I would­n’t be sur­prised. The uni­verse is mind-bog­gling­ly huge. “Ginor­mous” does­n’t even begin to describe it. (And the thought of God cre­at­ing the whole she­bang with nought but a word is even more mind-bog­gling!) We know that the uni­verse was cre­at­ed with the end of glo­ri­fy­ing God. We were made for the same rea­son, as was every oth­er crea­ture which walks this earth.

Whether or not extrater­res­tri­al oth­er-plan­e­to­ry life would be intel­li­gent or not, I can’t say. Whether they are more like beasts or more like man, I can’t say. Are they tri-par­tite with body, soul, and spir­it? Again, I can’t say.

Spec­u­la­tion can be fun, but all that aside, what we have on Earth is far more impres­sive than any­thing the stars could show us: Mankind, the only beings cre­at­ed in the image of God. The only beings loved by God enough that He would become one and die as one in order to save them.

Extrater­res­tri­al life may fas­ci­nate and wow our minds, and if it is ever dis­cov­ered, that dis­cov­ery may very well rev­o­lu­tion­ize the world.

But eter­nal­ly and in the mind of God, mankind stands out as special.

If extrater­res­tri­al life is ever dis­cov­ered, great. If it isn’t, that’s just fine to. But whether it is or isn’t, it does not affect the belief that God cre­at­ed all that is. After all, if He is capa­ble of cre­at­ing crea­tures which live cracks in the earth­’s crust on the floor of the ocean where tem­per­a­tures are extreme­ly hot, He is most cer­tain­ly capa­ble of cre­at­ing a sil­i­con-based life­form or even such exot­ic beings as 0, *, or Gor­gon, not to men­tion Q.

Con­sid­er that Earth was grant­ed to man to be under his domin­ion. Unless that grant includ­ed the rest of the uni­verse, it does not seem too far fetched that oth­er cre­at­ed beings are over­see­ing oth­er areas of the cos­mos. Per­haps angels play a role in this.

It is dif­fi­cult, if not impos­si­ble, to be con­clu­sive about this, and it is even more fun to spec­u­late, so I’ll stop before I get real­ly car­ried away with sci­ence-fic­tion induced rambling. :)






2 responses to “Final Jeopardy Category, “Genesis 1””

  1. AndrewE Avatar

    Rick, great post. I was­n’t expect­ing this kind of response to a ques­tion writ­ten on the fly. Kudos to you, Ben Gray and 9rules for pro­vid­ing the new ‘Notes’ func­tion. I take your point about the Bible not stat­ing any­thing against the pos­si­bil­i­ty of ET life.

  2. Ben Gray Avatar

    Exact­ly the answer I would have given ;).

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