February Goals Recap

Faithful blogging? What’s that?

*ahem* Anyway… I’m a few days late with my 2006 goals recap, so I’ll make this short and sweet:

  1. Replace computer monitor — No…
  2. Begin writing a book — Does a very rough outline that resembles pretty much any standard systematic theology outline for the subject of angels count? I have that much done…
  3. Find a church home — Nope, not yet.
  4. Evangelize more, and faithfully so — I’ve able to talk to a few more people at work, still not “faithfully” though.
  5. Develop OpenWord out of its infancy — Still haven’t figured out how to attract new editors.
  6. Exercise regularly, even if just a little bit — Nope, not since the early-January situps.
  7. Reduce greatly or eliminate caffeinated beverages from my diet — Mmm, Cherry Coca-Cola… (Nope, not doing so well on this one.)
  8. Attend at least one play or musical production (musical conversions don’t count) — YES! Alicia & I attended and very much enjoyed Stomp. ‘Twas a very well done, and funny!, production.
  9. Write at least one PHP application — I hear crickets… Do you hear crickets?
  10. Finish Final Fantasy IV Advance — This goal is officially stricken from the record. Who’s got time for games?
  11. Read at least 12 books — I finished Differences Between Bible Versions by Gary F. Zeolla, which though somewhat (and sometimes often) biased is an easy, yet informative, read detailing the differences between not only Bible translations, but also translation methods and source texts. I couldn’t put the book down at times, especially during its examination of the KJV-onlyist position and arguments.
  12. Have daily quiet-time with God and His word — Getting better.
  13. Remember my 1st wedding anniversary — Six and a half more months.
  14. Reduce the amount of entertainment (movies, television, gaming, etc.) I feed my mind. — Trying to improve. We recently subscribed to Comcast cable television, though, so it’ll be interesting to see how this goal goes the rest of the year.
  15. Write one useful phpBB modification — Still trying to come up with that “something useful.”
  16. Become more punctual — This recap is 3 days late. ‘Nuff said.

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