Everything’s Rosy Except When it’s Not

This morning on my phone while going through the headlines, I was left with a very mixed message: On the one hand, General Government Motors is closing numerous factories and is cutting thousands of dealerships loose. Consequently, thousands are losing their jobs. Related link: G.M. Designates 14 Plants for Closing. Note the number of projected hourly job losses by 2011: 21,800! For some perspective on my part, that’s over 6,000 more people than live in my town!

On the other hand, manufacturing decline is slowing, consumers are spending more, and the economy is looking better and better. Related link: Expert: Recession Over, Slow Recovery Ahead. Note the conclusion of the article: While thousands upon thousands of jobs are being lost in areas which America once did better than anyone, the number one area of job growth is going to be government work. That’s good news for all of us workers out there who’ll get to foot the taxes for their paychecks, a burden which will be spread across an increasingly few as jobs continue to be lost.

Carry on, nothing to see here.

1 thought on “Everything’s Rosy Except When it’s Not”

  1. Rick, thanks for the always enlightening post. When the number of people employed by the federal, state, and local government gets large enough to vote anyone they want into office, we are in real trouble. They will simply elect the person who promises them the most perks, highest pay, and shortest hours. It is the other tax payers who will foot the bill after all.

    Imagine if employees of a company could “elect” the CEO or owner by voting for the person who offered to pay them the highest…

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