Every Viewer an Editor

In the future, realtime graphical rendering will be advanced to the point that no movie will need to be produced using live action. Any plot, actor, animal, location, or prop will be rendered at will according to the preferences of the end user. Don’t like Matt Damon in a movie but do like Ben Affleck? Download the Affleck package (combining animations, skins, and voice patterns), insert into the movie, and there you go. Fancy changing the macguffin from a cosmic cube to a rubber ducky? Swap the prop preference, and wham-o! 

Polarized glasses and headphones would allow the same degree of customization within movie theaters as well.

Movies will no longer be sold as package deals — “X movie makes $Y” — but sold as a plot package, modifiable by the end-user with premium or open source skins, locations, and so on.

Imagine the holodecks of Star Trek but without the novelty of physical participation.

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