Every Viewer an Editor

In the future, real­time graph­i­cal ren­der­ing will be advanced to the point that no movie will need to be pro­duced using live action. Any plot, actor, ani­mal, loca­tion, or prop will be ren­dered at will accord­ing to the pref­er­ences of the end user. Don’t like Matt Damon in a movie but do like Ben Affleck? Down­load the Affleck pack­age (com­bin­ing ani­ma­tions, skins, and voice pat­terns), insert into the movie, and there you go. Fan­cy chang­ing the macguf­fin from a cos­mic cube to a rub­ber ducky? Swap the prop pref­er­ence, and wham‑o! 

Polar­ized glass­es and head­phones would allow the same degree of cus­tomiza­tion with­in movie the­aters as well.

Movies will no longer be sold as pack­age deals — “X movie makes $Y” — but sold as a plot pack­age, mod­i­fi­able by the end-user with pre­mi­um or open source skins, loca­tions, and so on.

Imag­ine the holodecks of Star Trek but with­out the nov­el­ty of phys­i­cal participation.

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Rick Beckman