Escape from the Room!

Not sure what it is about them, but I really like escape-from-the-room games. It’s kinda like Myst (except nowhere near as pretty), only much shorter.

13 thoughts on “Escape from the Room!”

  1. LOL. I had to consult a cheat guide, actually, and I still didn’t escape. The final task is a bit of a pain.

    I can’t find the same guide I was using, but here is one, if you get stuck. (Google may find better Swan’s Room guides than this one, if you find that it’s no good.)

  2. Crazy Cars Lady #2

    Opps! What I meant was: Thanks for telling me not to open the briefcase until the end. I am smart enough to blow myself up :( Anyway, another half an hour wasted and still trapped. I guess I will print out the cheat now :)

  3. Crazy Cars Lady #2

    Oh my goodness!!!! More wasted time and still dead by bomb explosion even with cheats! I must STOP now before I lose more of my mind!

  4. Dang, here’s another addicting game, this time testing your powers of logic: The Paradox Trials 2. I think I made it to question 20 — several of the questions via trial & error — before getting a little frustrated and calling it quits for the night. Be sure to read the brief help file first — that Paradox button comes in handy.

  5. Crazy Cars Lady #2

    I still can’t escape any room even with cheats. You need to find me something that dosen’t make me feel so dumb. :(

  6. Crazy Cars Lady #2

    Rick-I escaped!!! I really did it!!! Only a few cheats, but now I can sleep tonight! I’m going to try the sequel and try not cheating this time ;)

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