Eating Properly

How to Eat Properly… Looks like some great advice. I must confess to note eating the most balanced diet in the world. God gave us vegetables and fruits to eat long before He allowed us to start eating meat, so it stands to reason that fruits and veggies ought to be a staple in our diet, not a delicacy for rare occasions.

The bit about portions has me guilty as well; I often indulge myself, especially on meats, potatoes, cheese, and chocolate (not all at once). I am somewhat curious as to how my body would be different (in terms of energy, healthy, etc.) were I to eat more healthily.

Oh, by no means am I a “health nut.” However, if I can keep my body in good working order, I have more opportunity and ability to serve God. I would hate to stand before my Lord and hear that I had little opportunity to serve Him in the twilight of my earthly life because I didn’t take care of the body He gave me to use.

I already figured out how to live without the constant need of an emergency rescue inhaler; perhaps adjusting a bit more would help me even further. The thought of that is certainly worth some thought and prayer, I think.

Also, as a disclaimer, I am not proposing a fad diet under the guise of a “What Jesus Ate” Bible diet. No, I believe we have freedom in that regard–what to eat, when, and how much. However, it isn’t beyond thought to think that a love for serving Him would motivate us to keep our bodies in prime working order to the best of our ability. No fads needed, just simple common sense and healthful living coupled with prayer and fasting.

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