Dust in the Wind

I don’t have any idea about what to write. I’m attempting to blog on a more regular basis, and I’m forcing myself to make it through with daily posts for at least a little while. I may not always have a muse to inspire me, like tonight, but this site has been neglected for far too long.

One of the things I have observed over the past year is that this site does just fine on its own — traffic stays in the several hundred unique visits per day range (modest, but it makes me happy), for example, and revenue from affiliate sales still is semi-regular as well.

But the moment I begin posting again and sharing links to the site on Twitter, traffic drops. It’s entirely possible that it’s coincidence (and very likely that it is), but each day I’ve blogged this week, my traffic has gone down slightly.

Perhaps the visitor-tracking software I use is malicious, knows that I have returned, and is actively attempting to discourage me so that it can go back to tracking the site without my daily interference.

I can’t blame it. :P

After all, I can’t even decide what to name this site, whether it has some clever title or it should remain named after me. (And I’m a Junior, so this site, being my brainchild, would be a “III” if it’s named after me, right?)

Long story short, I need direction, some sort of focus for this place…

I’ll let you know when I find it.

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