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Does the World Hate You?

Thes­is: The world isn’t going to hate you because you believe in sal­va­tion by grace through faith. They might scoff, they might make fun, but hate you? Rarely, if ever. The world will hate you, though, when you take you belief in sal­va­tion by grace through faith beyond that. The world will hate you when you, like Jesus, sub­vert the world’s empires, when you refuse to bear the sword, the gun, or the bomber in the empires’ wars… when you, like Jesus, dis­re­gard unjust laws and show com­pas­sion to the poor, the home­less, the des­ti­tute, the forgotten.

When you live like Jesus, the world will hate you. Frankly, the world does­n’t care what you believe; they will, how­ev­er, take great offense from whom you believe in, and they will only see Him when you live like Him.

And that goes beyond belief.

2 thoughts on “Does the World Hate You?”

  1. That’s awe­some in the­o­ry, but where does the rub­ber hit the road? Can you explain this in real life terms, with real examples?

  2. I hasti­ly reached for the unsub­scribe RSS fea­ture after read­ing your the­sis you heretic! Then I (for­tu­itous­ly) read the sec­ond line, as it hap­ly fol­lowed the first, and nice­ly done! Way to piqué my atten­tion for the whammy.

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