How to Prove an Atheist Exists, Biblically

As a bit of a fol­low-up to Defin­i­tive­ly Prov­ing God’s Exis­tence, I want to add that in the Hebra­ic myth dis­cussed in 1 Kings 18:21–40, God was proven to be real by Eli­jah’s sac­ri­fice being accept­ed, with a spon­ta­neous com­bus­tion of the sac­ri­fice caused by God himself.

The prophets of Baal had no such luck with their sac­ri­fice, as in the myth, their god did not exist to aid them in any way.

How would this play out in a con­tem­po­rary con­text, if a believ­er in the God of the Bible decid­ed to make a sac­ri­fice to God as a show of faith in show­ing that he is real, in the face of unbe­liev­ers who may be mak­ing a counter sacrifice? 

Let’s say for this thought that the unbe­liev­ers aren’t prophets of anoth­er god but are athe­ists. I used to say and have heard it said plen­ty that athe­ists actu­al­ly do have gods, but instead of super­nat­ur­al gods they have them­selves set up as gods.

So on one side of this exper­i­ment, you have a Jew or a Chris­t­ian, ready and will­ing to show that God is real because they have no rea­son to believe that God won’t accept their sac­ri­fice to him.

On the oth­er side, you have an athe­ist, who is (wrong­ly) said to wor­ship them­selves and so aren’t sac­ri­fic­ing to any­thing superstitious.

This will play out exact­ly oppo­site to the sto­ry in the Bible. The Jew or Chris­tian’s sac­ri­fice will sit on the altar, cold and attract­ing flies. The athe­ist’s, though? She’ll have set the sac­ri­fice on fire her­self and will have made prepa­ra­tions to feed as many onlook­ers as she can. Bar­beque sauce will like­ly have come into play.

The rea­son for this is sim­ple: The athe­ist, unlike God, exists, as shown by the athe­ist’s sac­ri­fice get­ting flame grilled. And remem­ber, this is an exper­i­ment that any­one can do.

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7 thoughts on “How to Prove an Atheist Exists, Biblically”

    1. A god that needs a for-prof­it book to defend him­self is no god I care to worship.

      I’m curi­ous about what you think he says that over­turns what the Bible says, if you actu­al­ly do believe the Bible? If God’s book is so per­fect, we should be able to take it at its word in all things; excus­es should nev­er need to be made.

      1. I nev­er make excus­es for the Word. I do not agree with your inter­pre­ta­tions and under­stand­ing of faith, and I can’t make you believe any­thing. You have a lot of knowl­edge, I’m sure, but you haven’t the Holy Spir­it to under­stand. Sir Robert Ander­son does­n’t say any­thing to over­turn the Bible, he basi­cal­ly reminds us that while we are in this age of grace, He is hold­ing off His judg­ment for sin. If we were under the
        Law, He would have to judge us, but He made the pro­vi­sion in Christ to judge Him for our sins. Christ, the Lamb of God who takes away sin.

        1. “But you haven’t the Holy Spir­it to understand.”

          That’s short­hand for: We know our book makes no sense, but if we imag­ine up some mag­i­cal ele­ment to it, we can say it means any­thing we want it to, and any­one who dis­agrees well, they do it because they lack the magic.

          If it takes mag­i­cal, wish­ful think­ing to make it make sense, then it does­n’t make sense. Peri­od. You don’t have to agree with what the Bible says, but excus­ing it with “the Holy Spir­it” to be tol­er­a­ble isn’t rational.

  1. Back in Ander­son­’s day and pri­or the Ply­mouth Brethren did­n’t sell any of their lit­er­a­ture. It is the pub­lish­ers who have turned it into a for prof­it enter­prise. Their min­is­ters went out on “faith” nev­er tak­ing a salary or asking/pleading for mon­ey. The brethren gave gifts to them, but they were not adverse to “mak­ing tents” as did the Apos­tle Paul.
    These brethren, even today go out with­out any promise from men, but The God you can­not see takes care of them, just as He does the birds of the air.

    1. Birds make things to sell them to pro­vide for them­selves? I missed that part.

      Jesus also used the flow­ers as an exam­ple for how we should­n’t wor­ry about pro­vid­ing for our­selves. I find that inter­est­ing; flow­ers, like birds and so many oth­er life­forms, use all of their ener­gy to basi­cal­ly have sex as often as pos­si­ble, with­out mar­riage or reli­gious hangups. Jesus and reli­gious teach­ers miss a lot when they use nature as exam­ples because, well, to under­stand nature takes sci­ence and actu­al­ly not mak­ing up stuff as they go along. :P

      1. “A man that is a heretic after the first and sec­ond admo­ni­tion reject; know­ing that he that is such is sub­vert­ed, and sin­neth, being con­demned of himself” .
        Titus 3:10–11

        This is my last post to you.

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