A Possible Wave 4 List for Disney/Pixar’s Cars Die-cast Toys?

All Cars Checklist discussion & current information is now being posted over at RickBeckman.org. Be sure to check it out for the latest information!

Update: There are now three versions of the checklist available; you can grab any of them — including the newest (3rd) one — on the extras page.

I get more people landing on Timothy’s Burden because of my mentions of the Disney/Pixar’s Cars die-cast line from Mattel than for any other single subject. Indeed, my post about the Cars checklist that I made is the second most popular page on this site, second only to the index page.

And judging by the back-and-forth history of the relevant Wikipedia article, there is a lot of interest in Wave 4 without much solid information available… It appears the Wikipedia article was deleted/merged with another article and is no longer useful for our purposes in making a checklist. Oh well.

I’m not for sure how accurate the following information is going to be — indeed, I couldn’t verify it for the Wikipedia which is why I’m posting it here — but I noticed in our system at work there were several toys listed which had yet to show up at our store (and elsewhere, from what I’ve noticed). However, these items have a UPC — a real Mattel UPC (i.e., they begin with “27084”) — and so this list of “Wave 4” (or whatever) Cars toys is likely reliable. I have no idea what the expected release date will be, so don’t ask. Just tell your kids, get ’em all excited, and hope the toys show up before their respective birthdays.

Caveat: The names of these toys are reasonable extrapolations based upon the abbreviated titles used in the system at work. I’ll share the product code as well, just as something a bit more concrete to use in searching for these toys online.

  • “No Fin McQueen” – 2708447647
  • Michael Schumacher Ferrari – 2708447646
  • Ramone (red) – 27084791428
  • “Piston Cup” – 2708449406
  • Bob Cutlass – 2708449407
  • Darrell Cartrip – 2708449408
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. – 2708449410
  • Tex – 2708449405
  • Fred – 2708449409
  • Mario Andretti – 2708449411
  • Elvis RV Cab – 2708449413
  • Oil Guzzler RV – 2708449414
  • Bug-faced McQueen – 2708451753
  • Bling-Bling McQueen – 2708451754
  • Tongue McQueen – … (forgot to make note of this one)

The following are “Wave 4” (or whatever ;-) “Movie Moments” 2-packs:

  • Mr. & Mrs. The King – 2708449419
  • Showgirls – 2708449422
    The showgirls are most likely the Dinoco Girls. If you have the movie, watch out for models with the Dinoco team that are wearing blue feathers.
  • Flea & Flick – 2708450204
  • Rusty & Dusty – 2708449420
  • Mia & Tia – 2708449421

I would love to make an updated version of the checklist with the above information, but I don’t know if it’d be worthwhile. Noticeably absent from the above are Dinoco Chick Hicks and the Yeti, which I included on the second checklist. I’ve seen a picture of the Yeti toy, so I don’t know if it is one our store won’t carry or if its release date is still a while away. Note that on the checklist, Bessie & Blue Bowlin’ Mater aren’t available individually, only with playsets. Mack & the Dinoco Helicopter are themselves playsets.

Anyway, I look forward to the above toys being released. I know several kids who would love to add such to their collections!

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  1. We can’t wait for these to be released. My son is almost 3 and LOVES them. My husband and I are now caught up in the search to find them all. We are only lacking Dirt Track McQueen and I am checking all of the local stores almost daily to see if any new ones are out yet. Thanks for the great info.

  2. Hi,
    could you please help me out as I’m totally in love with these diecast cars and I’m having a lot of trouble locating them in Canberra.. I am collecting the supercharged series for myself and the diecast series for my son so he can play with them… I have bought off ebay but would prefer not to as they are crappy packers most of the time. Any help or advice would be appreciated.


  3. Any of the above I would have no idea where to locate because, as noted, they may not actually be released yet.

    However, for waves 1-3 (releases prior to those in the list above), Wal-mart, Target, K-mart, and even Kroger’s carries them. Many online toy stores have them for sale as well.

    I’m not a collector myself — I don’t even own a single one of them — and I certainly don’t know any special way of getting a hold of any of these… Have you tried calling Mattel? They may sell them to you direct or at least be able to direct you to a nearby retailer.

  4. WOW! My kids have every last one of the available cars except the yellow Ramone. I think my husband is more obsessed with getting all of these than they are! They were jumping and screaming with joy when I read them this list : ) Thanks and we are looking forward to it!!!

  5. I am totally hooked on collecting these. I collect them for my kids, nephew and myself. I find most of them by going to Wal-Mart about 10:00pm when they are bringing stock out. If the customer service people are good they will open the cases for you and let you select what you want. Don’t be too pushy. They get harrassed alot by people who just cut the cases open themselves. This makes it tough for the rest of us collectors.

    Going to Target or Toys R Us when they first open also works good. I cannot wait for the 4th release. I see presales on EBAY for them now so I know it will not be long.

    Good luck to all and happy collecting!!!

  6. hey my little brother Luke is absolutely in love with these disney diecast cars. He has all of them but a couple. Well the ones that are out a least. Thats his biggest thing right now is collecting them. For some reason every time his mom bring home a new diecast car, it brings a smile to his face and he is so excited.Him and his brother will play with them for hours. Their really hard to get the ones you need but I guess thats why their so special.

    So good luck to all
    love BIG SIS

  7. melissa springmann

    Is there a way I can sign up for a newsletter that informs us of when the new cars are released? We have all of wave 1 2 & 3 so we are looking forward to wave 4…..Especially my 2 year old son.

    Please let me know. Thank you!

  8. melissa springmann

    Andy, those images of evil mcqueen, knightrider mcqueen & mystery machine mater, where did you find those? I know they haven’t been made…..but just wondering where you found those images…they’re awesome….not really diggin the 666 on the side….but still awesome none the less.

  9. Melissa: A newsletter? Not that I know of. I’ll certainly post anything I know here as they arrive at my store. So the best way would probably be to keep an eye on my RSS feed.

    Also, the “Halloween” Cars are not real. One was PhotoChopped together for Worth1000. I’m willing to bet the Lightning/Mater combo pic was done the same way as well.

    That anyone would suggest that a toy be made out of fan-made creations would be about as ridiculous as me drawing Batman wearing Superman’s outfit and requesting a toy be made. :P

  10. You’ll have to ask Mattel. At my Wal-mart in my dept., we’ve had at least five of them already. The others I have physically seen (or noticed on the back of another’s card, which is just as good):

    Tongue McQueen, Dinoco Chick Hicks, Hydraulic Ramone (red Ramone, in the above list), Tex Dinoco, Yeti, Bling Bling McQueen, Ferrari F430 (Michael Schumacher Ferrari, in the above list), and RPM #64 (which may be the “Piston Cup” car, in the above list).

    If you can’t find them locally, it’s because your retailers’ warehouses are either still allocating old merchandise or they’ve not yet received the new to send out… Or it’s being sold before you get there.

  11. I purchase cars for my two grandsons and give them to the boys when they are together at my house. This morning I gave them both yellow ramone and the two year old said ‘mine doesn’t have any eyes’; sure enough one of the ramones is missing his eyes. Have you ever seen this?

  12. Just found a red Ramone at Target. This is the only one of the new wave 4 cars that I have seen. Still have had the best luck at Walmart for new releases. We always buy one for our son to play with and one to save for him when he gets older.

  13. Just picked up the Red Ramone, Dinico Tex, RPM 64 and Ferrari F430 at Wal Mart. Just got lucky they were all in. My boys love them.


  15. Donna, you may want to check ebay for same of the cars i picked some up there. just watch the cost some people what a lot for shipping and handleing. you can also go to http://www.rpmdiecast.com they have a lot of new cars there.

  16. So far we have purchased:

    Bling Bling McQueen
    Ferrari F430
    Cruisin’ McQueen
    RPM #64
    Dinoco Chick Hicks
    Tex Dinoco
    Hydraulic (Red) Ramone
    Snot Rod

    The local Walmart we went to this morning did let me go through one case but the guy said that it was only because I had a kid with me that he was allowing me to do it. He said too many people are coming in buying them up then selling them on Ebay. He was not putting the new ones out until the last wave was gone.

  17. I want to thank you for the list because I am helping my sister-in-law getting the collection for my nephew. I did not know that there were waves. I am surprised. I know understand why can not find some of the cars.

    Thanks again.


  18. What is the Showgirls Movie Moments? I looked at your checklist from your other post and though you have Wave 4 products on it, I didn’t see the Showgirls listed. You have Mia and Tia listed separately, so I don’t know what else it could be.
    Thanks for all the great information, and by the way, do most or all Wal-Marts put stock out at 10pm?
    Also, a Target employee told me they wouldn’t check in the back if you are a collector. Since I had my son with me she checked in back and found Fillmore, Ferrari and Dinoco Chick Hicks. Of course, there are still so many left to find!

  19. My collection for my 3 young boys is currently up to date with the newest releases(RPM #64, Red Ramone, Tex, Bling Bling, Snot Rod single, Tounge Mcqueen plus the other waves). I have had really good luck going to Walmart early in the morning. We never really had any cars until Walmart came out with those surveys on the receipts where you go online and take their survey with a password from the receipt. EVERY time I had one I would put under other reason for shopping that I was looking for these cars and that they were out of stock. I gave their toy department a bad rating too and soon after I started seeing more and more new cars… Since individual Walmarts do not do their own ordering(they just get sent stuff HQ thinks will sell, for example we live near a coast my local store got sent millions of flip flops, unfortunatley they are EXTREMLY rocky beaches so flip flops don’t sell. HQ really does not know and should end this practice)I think taking these surveys and telling them what we want really helped!! If you are looking and have those surveys take the time to do them and maybe you will get more in stock sooner.

  20. Just got back from a trip to Wal-Mart. My mom’s good sewing scissors broke, so I thought, I’ll just go now, it’s probably the only chance I’ll have a good excuse to go to Wal-Mart at 10pm. Anyway, they were nice enough to check in back and brought out 4 boxes of single cars and two boxes of Movie Moments. None were the newest Wave. The employee says they haven’t gotten any of the news ones in yet, which is odd because our local Target has been getting them for awhile, since I got the Ferrari and Dinoco Chick a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone know what’s going on? I guess it’s no good to check Wal-Mart here for a while, I’ll keep checking Target. Does anyone know the best time to check Target? Early morning? Is K-Mart a good place to try? We are in a small city so there aren’t a lot of options or multiple stores of the big chains.

  21. Hey there guys

    I am in good ol Southern California which doesnt get the new waves til later on but has anyone noticed that both maters the mirrors fall off, the cruisin mcqueen chips and so does ferrari f430. I have called mattel and they sent me two vouchers for the price of two that were in sets. the others they want me to mail back. I was like are you mailing me the one i send in back and they said no. anyway just wanted to let ya all know about that. they also need the numbers off the box to refer to so write the upc down. I know why most places dont have the sets. At all the targets and toys r us stores i call, they say that the rip offs on ebay go into the store and buy the cases of the cars all at once. I think its not right but whatever. I do find those collectors at the swap meets and they make me deals knowing that i open the box up right away for my son to play with them. i also ask to buy the loose ones instead. i am finding i dont have like 30 cars on the list and i thought i was so cool having what i thought was already released. thanks for the checklist that is so much better than me writing them down and calling mattel. I did find a sight that is selling the yeti but mattel told me they were not releasing the yeti til xmas time? so i dont know how they can sell something that is not out and it was on sale for 15 bucks!!!!! anyway just thought i would chime in here



  22. Steve AKA: Poppa

    The checklists do not list the Fabulous Doc Hudson with red rim wheels. While I was looking for something other than toys, I found one at a local Walgreen’s drug store. I thought they only existed on eBay. Around here (Tacoma, WA), the local national chain stores, i.e., Walmart and Target, are the worst places for new toys.

  23. Does the red-rimmed Hudson Hornet have a different name? I’ve never seen it mentioned at CarsTheToys.com or anything.

    Also, I can’t speak for every Wal-mart, but we’ve been gettin’ the toys at my Wal-mart pretty much as soon as they come out. We still have plenty of the first half of Wave 4 (those which are on the back of the Dinoco Chick card), except for the Yeti. I’m not sure why that one is listed on the card but seemingly isn’t out yet.

  24. Are there new Movie Moments available now that people are actually having luck finding in stores? OR are they future releases? Also, are the new cases for the single cars the “M” cases? What will the new movie moments cartons be marked? Will they be “N” cases? Any word on when the Yeti will be released? Any other places in Western WA a lady can try to find some new cars for her boys? Steve mentioned Walgreens- thanks!

  25. The only reliable way to know release dates is to call Mattel. I highly doubt anyone outside of Mattel will know reliably, so there’s no bother even speculating. Certainly, retailers don’t know.

    Yeti will definitely be released (it’s on the back of the more recent toys’ cards), but until I see it at my store, I’m not believing anyone if they say they’ve seen it or are selling it online.


    Now if only parents would get as zealous about teaching their children the ways of the Lord as they do in finding a complete collection of toys that in five years (if not much less) won’t be played with anymore… (Oh the irony of the web’s first reliable checklist — that I’m aware of — for such toys appearing on a theology blog. :-)

  26. that is exactly what i was thinking because i asked when i was calling to report the chipping of my radiator springs mcqueen adn i was told yeti is the last to release around xmas time according to mattel so we shall see because she said they can change it later on

  27. Personally, I’ll be surprised if they wait that long for it, considering it already appears on the backs of the cards of numerous character cars which are already released. It would be very odd to hold off so long on that one model.

  28. yea that is what i was saying to her too. anywho that was like 8 weeks ago when i talked to them at mattel. she was telling me the sets and cases and other crap they are coming out with too. i wish they would have a case that is large enough for the whole set. i am not buying them in hopes they will be worth something someday. I am buying them for my son so a case would be so awesome that holds all the cars that they will release. I dont think they will do it though. has anyone noticed that f430 chips easy too? grrrrrrrrrrrrr i get mad about f430 because hes hard to find. its funny because my dh wants ferrari fans and f430 to keep on his tool box at work as hes a ferrari mechanic :). it sounds more glamourous than it is i promise you that. i am suprised that the dealer doesnt carry the ferrari stuff. dh said disney had to do something extraordinary to get ferrari to allow use of their logos and licensing because they are very picky in that aspect. also for the quattroportes. are they making the quattroporte escorts in the cars series? they are always with f430 when hes shown in the movie so i was just curious. any thoughts?

  29. Steve AKA: Poppa

    As to the red rim wheels Doc Hudson, I checked both cars cards and found no difference in either the front or back of the card stock. There is no difference to the car other than the red rims. Good hunting!

  30. the best time to find the new cars at walmart is at midnight when they stock the shelves, that is how we have gotten all of ours. if you wait till the morning they will already be gone from scalpers! good luck. also talk to the person who is in charge of toys at your walmart, they will tell you usually when they are going to be stocked and when they have new ones!

  31. I wanted to start collecting and want to know if there is a scale difference to any of the disney pixar cars series? I thought they were all on a 1:55 scale, but also understand there are some on a 1:64 scale. I would prefer the 1:64 scale since they would match my sons hotwheel collection. Thanks fo any help.

  32. I’m in the UK and our local Disney store holds back the new and rare vehicles to parents who ask specifically because some people were going in and buying up the lot just to stick on eBay.

  33. I wish any store here would be willing to hold them like that! My 3 little boys get so disappointed every time we go to the store and they have been cleaned out. 3 times by 3 different people I have been told that they would call me when they got a new stock in so I could come and get them first. No one has EVER called me about them. I go down and it is obvious that new stock had been there but no calls to me. They put out new stock sometime during the day rather than at night so going early in the morning isn’t working any more. I was there at 9 am one day and nothing was there. Then I had to make an emergency trip at 3 that afternoon and there had been a HUGE new shipment and there was only old ones left. I realize that they cannot limit people from buying them but if you say you are going to call WHY NOT CALL!!! AHHHHH!

  34. yea i know the feeling. but the toystore at disneyland told me that there is only one of each car in the boxes. that sucks! Anyway this kid got in trouble at target for keeping the new ones in the back for parents. it was so bad that he wanted to quit because he said it isnt fair that these people buy all the new ones and not one or two but the entire hanging shelf thingie. i got in good with toys r us kids though. i just picked up ramones house of body art and luigi casa de la tires. yay! even though hes 2 i know he will play with them when he gets older and it will be hard to find. i just keep calling places and bugging them :). then i tell them if they hold them for me i will write a great comment card for them :)

  35. oh yea i called mattell about my chipping cars again stupid f430! anyway they told me they couldnt tell me any release dates because they can decide not to release them. i asked about the yeti and he said they can decide not to release him. how lame is that? anyway he also said this will prob be the last year of cars since the rat movie is out and they like to be up to date with the new movies :( i thought they would keep going with the cars one more year at least to get more $$$$$$$$. oh is frank the tractor farmer out? or is that phony on ebay? i am just curious

  36. The frank is a custom made one. It is really good but going for around $50!!! There are A LOT of CUSTOM made cars going around on ebay. They even have REAL LOOKING CARDS!!! Make sure you read your auctions if you are buying on ebay!!!

  37. I wanted to start collecting and want to know if there is a scale difference to any of the disney pixar cars series? I thought they were all on a 1:55 scale, but also understand there are some on a 1:64 scale. I would prefer the 1:64 scale since they would match my sons hotwheel collection. Thanks fo any help.

  38. I wanted to know if there is a scale difference to any of the disney pixar cars series? I thought they were all on a 1:55 scale, but also understand there are some on a 1:64 scale. I would prefer the 1:64 scale since they would match my sons hotwheel collection. Thanks fo any help.

  39. With regard to the Frank being sold on ebay, in addition to the custom Franks, people are selling a game piece out of the first version of the Mattel “Tractor Tippin” board game that also has game pieces for Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally, Doc and several (I think 16?) tractors. These game pieces are all very small and made of molded plastic. I am certain that many people are disappointed when they get their Frank because it is small and not diecast but the sellers aren’t always honest about that.

    I knew that was what I was getting when I bought the game off Amazon around Christmastime. I only wanted it for the game pieces because my son was so into Frank and it was the only place to get one and also because when he got his tractor, he seemed bummed that there was only one. There is a newer version of the Tractor Tippin Game and I don’t know what the Frank in that game looks like.

    My son still loves to play with his Frank even if it isn’t to scale.

  40. Dave: No need to post multiple times. ;) I’ve been on vacation or would have answered you earlier. To my knowledge, there are no 1/66th scale Cars toys. However, even in the 1/55th scale lineup, there does appear to be some differences in scale between individual cars (though I may be imagining it). Red the firetruck doesn’t seem to be large enough compared to, say, Lightning McQueen, in my opinion.

  41. “Now if only parents would get as zealous about teaching their children the ways of the Lord as they do in finding a complete collection of toys that in five years (if not much less) won’t be played with anymore…”

    I am obliged to tell my son the truth about life, therefore I cannot teach him the ways of the Lord because He doesn’t exist. I will educate him about all religions and let him make his own mind up when he’s older. Until then, don’t start a blog/thread about some toy cars and then cast aspersions on the readers of it! He’s 2. Cars are important to him, the Lord isn’t!

  42. the yeti is out! i went to the swap meet yesterday and i got rpm, bling bling, and red wheel HH. Got the dinoco helicopter too. i got the contacts from the ones who had the yeti and i am going to call them friday. :) i am excited! they said the next case released in the next month or so should have the dale, darrel, etc in them but they arent 100% sure on that. i will let ya all know if i find anything brand spanking new :).

    and FYI my son who is two knows about the lord and he gets stories from the bible read to him and attends sunday school except when hes very contagiously sick. we have a balance in our home and the lord is very important to us in this house. i just dont go around posting about the lord to people i dont know :)

  43. i didnt know this was a theology site until i had the time to start searching the site. its a great little site you have here rick. Very interesting. i just googled disney cars list and your site popped up on top :) in case anyone likes to read other church sites here is mine, we have a new pastor so i am sad but happy to see our pastor go http://www.villagechurchirvine.com/

  44. just a note in regards to the checklist; as was mentioned here, there is a Red Rimmed Fabulous Hudson Hornet, Cruisin Ramone (Red & White), & Bessie.

  45. Without seeing real photographs of them (i.e., at a reputable retailer, not eBay) or seeing them in person, I’m not adding anything to the checklist. There are far too many rumors going around where people say they have seen characters that really aren’t toys yet — or even people making their own toys and passing them off on eBay as real Mattel products.

  46. ohh well i got the red rimmed hh its a variation. i can snap a pic of the package as i took the car out if anyone wants me to. but i do know that the yeti is out i just missed him, the gal had bessie that day too in a set like on the list, red and white ramone is called cruisin ramone she had that too but i missed it. i got the dinoco helicopter with mater in it. its so rad

  47. We finally got “Bug Mouth McQueen” in at my Wal-mart. What a pathetic excuse of a variation. A kid who’s chipped the white paint on a regular McQueen could probably make it look just as buggy as Bug Mouth McQueen.

    Needless to say, I’m disappointed.

  48. Hey everyone. It’s nice to see that I am not the only parent going all over creation to finds these cars. As far as I know, we have all the cars that are out, except Yeti. Does anyone have confirmation that Yeti is in fact out? And I would second the comment regarding Big Mouth! I am very disappointed! It looks like all they did was white out the mouth of a regular McQueen and place a few bug stickers on it. I will however say that Tongue McQueen looks super!!

  49. The Yeti is out but was not in great supply. Case T comes out soon ( less than 30 days) and it will also have the Yeti as well as many other new ones. Hopefully it will be easier to get then. I still need it too.


  51. Cruisin’ Ramone (how many more Ramone’s!?) is out and about, and the red rimmed HH is now available in UK Disney Stores so no more eBay required for that one! Picked up two on Tuesday.

  52. I just started collecting these a month or two ago and have just about every car that I’m aware is available. Finally had to give up on my local stores and go to ebay for a few of them (Red Rimmed HH, Bug Mouth McQueen, Cruisin’ Ramone and Yeti… I haven’t received Yeti in the mail yet… expect it today.) I have noticed a new big Mack playset for sale online that includes a diecast Bessie… seems to be the only way to get one of those. I’m waiting to see if it shows up in stores. I’ve heard about some Blue Blowin’ Mater… what is that? What does it look like? Is it part of a play set?

  53. yea bessie is with a mack set. i went to disneyland to get the cars and they had the toungue and the yeti in earlier that day. grrrrrr i missed it

  54. Steve… where did you get the picture of those Cars that aren’t out yet? Pretty sweet! Also…. maybe we should all network and try to find new cars for each other without charging the ridiculous bid prices… anyone into that? After waiting to receive Yeti from an ebay purchase, it NEVER came and I got a refund. Anybody have one for sale?

  55. you know guys i have an annual pass for disneyland. the cars are 6 bucks a pop there too. i know aug 11 the swap meet will be back to the fairgrounds since the fair will be over and the people i get the cars from are reasonable. if i see some of the new ones i can pick one up but i want someone to paypal me $$ when i find them and i can send them out. i know the swap meet people will have a lot since they are not selling right now.

  56. well part of the problem is mattel is slow at sending them out
    i buy direct from mattel and the last few batches where still older
    the reason you see target and walmart with newer ones is they
    buy the whole container from mattel that ships straight from china.

  57. I have been visiting this wonderful site for a week or so now. I am so glad that I am not the only one obsessed with getting (all) of these cars for my son. Thanks for the checklist!!! any info anyone can pass on would be great, I live in the midwest and stores in my area have not had a new shipment in WEEKS!!

  58. the ones target and disneyland get all have one of each CAR in them and that new ones are only one in each case mixed with old cars

  59. LOL not here in california steve. the kb toys here still gets the old ones. but they tell me to keep calling. kind of sucks but i have my hookups at the swap meet. i call them or they hold them for me as they know i will be there to get them :). love love the pics of the new cars you took BTW. did they have the showgirls ones? I cant wait to get dale jr and darril cartrip! dh wants andretti. its funny because i was going nuts looking for f430 and i asked dh if the dealer he works at has the ferrari ones since they are a ferrari dealer and he said no but then after i find the stuff i needed they had them. so for anyone who has a ferrari dealer and doesnt have luigi and guido or the f430, call the ferrari dealer since mattel does the ferrari stuff they would carry only the ferrari related cars.

    I hope they come out with the quattroporte ladies that accompanied schumacher everywhere he went in the movie. that would be so cool.

  60. FYI, I have found the large Dinoco heli and the Mega Mack Playtown at Toys R Us. I finally found Tex there, too. When I went to pay the cashier told me she put Tex back after grabbing a bunch of the news ones for her dad, but he didn’t need Tex. I guess that is a perk of working in the retailer. You get to buy all the new releases for your dad who collects them. That is one reason why they aren’t available for children. Ulitmately I blame Mattel for their low production and for mixing in new cars with the old assortment so that there are only a few new cars in each case. If they would increase supply then demand would drop down.

  61. I too found the Dinoco Heli and Mega Mack Playtown (includes Bessie) at Toys R Us. Yeti is hard enough for me to locate, so knowing the sales clerks have first dibs isn’t very reassuring! I called Mattel and the CSR really couldn’t tell me much other than they are bringing only one or two new cars out each month. The supply is definitely not meeting demand.

  62. Steve – you link to http://www.zelor.com. Is anybody actually paying those abnormally high prices for Cars toys. If that is your site you should be ashamed.
    Anyway just picked up the Ferrari, Red Rimmed Doc and Cruisin’ (Red and White) Ramone at Toys R’ Us.
    Found Bug Faced McQueen (what a joke) and Tex Dinoco at Kohl’s.
    I am going to start branching out as Target and Walmart have been disappointing lately.

  63. yes thats my web site some of the cars are mine it also has other sellers..

    you will see high prices on the tractor set most cars
    are under 10 bucks and a few even below cost.

    also amazon takes nearly 18% of every sale

  64. oh steve the closest kb to my house is santa ana and its a kb toyworks since i am in orange county. i called laguna hills and they have old ones and act like they dont know what i am talking about with the newer ones. i know after the market place comes back aug 11, i will find some of the things i have been lacking if not disneyland since i have a pass though. i just want to get flos cafe, and lizzys curio for my son and the new mack set.

  65. Kate, I found Mega Mack for $44.99 at Toys R Us. They also have Flos Cafe, I think. Usually you can call a store and have them do a charge send. They will charge you shipping, but it is usually reasonable, and at least you will be paying retail price and not bidding on it. I think it was $19.99 but I can’t be sure. It is the Toys R Us in Tacoma, WA. You can enter zip code 98407 if you need to in order to find the store info. through the store locator on their website.
    Someone please tell me though, are the playsets like Hot Wheels plastic sets that snap together and fall apart the minute a little boy really plays with it? The way the packaging is I couldn’t see the actual item and I got the impression it just wasn’t going to be sturdy enough for my boys. If you want to continue this thread privately, email me at owenswh@yahoo.com

  66. If anyone is interested in the blue Mater exclusive to the “Mater’s Rollin’ Bowlin’ Game,” it is listed on the KB Toy.com website on sale for $14.99. I picked one up last year and the car is regular size die cast and not some smaller plastic toy.

  67. Given the outstanding success of past checklist efforts, I’ve put together what I hope is something even better — or at least what is the beginnings of something even better — and I’m inviting anyone who’s been making use of my checklists to come and check it out.

    Actually, I’m pretty much forcing you too, if you want to keep the discussions going. :D I really do appreciate the traffic this all brings in here, but I’d like to get it all centralized. Right now, there’s 3 posts + the extras page here. So I’m hoping to get everyone on the same page.


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