Disney/Pixar’s Cars Diecast Checklist … Hot off the presses!

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Okay, so by “hot off the presses,” I mean fresh from my copy of Word. I don’t know why I do this — perhaps I enjoy the obscene number of visitors these checklists bring to the site — visitors that I can’t seem to attract with meaningful content. :P Or maybe I’m a kid at heart and love spending time on something as frivolous as diecast toys.

Or maybe I do it for a couple ladies I work with, just to get them (more so than their children) get excited about new or upcoming releases in the Cars diecast line so that I can make fun of them for being as neurotic as those crazy Hot Wheels collectors.

Yeah, it’s definitely that last one.

Hopefully, this checklist is up-to-date and accurate. It supersedes my previous three, though they will continue to be available via my Extras page.

16 thoughts on “Disney/Pixar’s Cars Diecast Checklist … Hot off the presses!”

  1. steven brazell

    I have just looked over your list #4 and i noticed that it has flo and guido listed as being by themselves in desert and supercharged varieties. have you seen these before or are they speculation of an upcoming release?: I can’t seem to find them even on ebay. thanks steven

  2. I was wondering if Flea & Flick, Mia & Tia, Rusty & Dusty, The King and Mrs. The King, Oil Guzzler RV, and the Elivis RV Cab were still going to be coming out, because on one of your other list it showed them on there. Also they show that there will be the lightyear blimp coming out.

  3. I was also looking and I have never seen Flo or guido in a pack by themselves. You can’t even find them on ebay. Are they really in packs by themselves?

  4. Brandi: The lists get more accurate the newer they are. If something was in 1, 2, or 3 but is not in 4, the omission is intentional.

    However, that does not mean they will not come out in the future.

    Also, if the Flo & Guido individual packs are inaccurate, I’ll revise my list in the future when I have enough new info to justify a list #5.

  5. I did go on the Drive in website and they did not show that Guido and Flo were in single packs. They were in the movie moments. FLo was with Ramone and Guido was with Luigi and tractor. They also show BLue Mater on the list.

  6. “Blue Mater” is not released individually. You have to buy a playset to get it, so I don’t include it in my list.

    And mea culpa! I misread their list. Guido & Flo should not be listed as having individual packs. :( Sorry!!

  7. Sure you didn’t see a Brand New Mater? It’s blue also.

    I’ve not heard anyone claim to have seen an individually packaged Blue Bowlin’ Mater (“Blue” Mater)… until you, of course.

  8. I have been trying very hard(making 2-3 target trips per week) to find the 2nd and 3rd series of Disney/pixar cars toys.Anyone have any ideas about lacating them besides the few sites on line at 20.00 or more a piece.
    thanks hillary ruffalo

  9. I also seen that Flo and Guido were listed seperate. We just compared the numbers on your sheet (the lot numbers that is) and seen it was the same number so we assumed it was just a typo. =)

    Would u happen to know if Mrs. King is being released individually? I see alot of site “customizing” them but nothin by mattel.

    And u are correct Rick…. Blue Bowlin’ Mater is only released with certain playsets. Its BRAND NEW Mater that is individual.

  10. Amanda: Flo & Luigi are not released separately. It is an error in my checklist.

    As for Mrs. King… I’ve heard about a double pack of her & King, but nothing certain.

  11. Given the outstanding success of past checklist efforts, I’ve put together what I hope is something even better — or at least what is the beginnings of something even better — and I’m inviting anyone who’s been making use of my checklists to come and check it out.

    Actually, I’m pretty much forcing you too, if you want to keep the discussions going. :D I really do appreciate the traffic this all brings in here, but I’d like to get it all centralized. Right now, there’s 3 posts + the extras page here. So I’m hoping to get everyone on the same page.


  12. I have most of these toys as duplicated for sale if anyone is interested. Stanley and Red, Luigi, Luigi Guido and Tractor, Flow and Ramone, etc. Please email me if interested. Thanks!

  13. I meant to say I have many of these set for sale. I’ll be holding onto one set for myself but I have many duplicates of the same sets for sale. If you are looking for any particular set and are willing to buy them please let me know. I’m asking $20 a set.

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