Did we lose The Lost Tomb of Jesus?

It’s not even been a month yet since The Lost Tomb of Jesus aired for the first time, and already it seems as if it had never been produced. The world continues as it always has, the faint ripple the documentary caused already dissipated into nothing.

One would think that finding the remains of the Resurrected God would cause quite a bit more of a stir, no? *yawn* Ain’t secular sensationalism fun?

3 thoughts on “Did we lose The Lost Tomb of Jesus?”

  1. Ha, yeah, that was something. I think that at this moment, people just don’t care. But, I dunno what the deal is. You would expect something like this to make the world news for at least a couple of months. I mean, this is bigger than the Da Vinci Code! And look at how long that event lasted.

  2. I admit there was something a bit odd but the whole thing. I even approached an atheist friend about it at work that discusses all the scientific “issues” and he wasn’t even familiar with the issue. Satan’s plan once again fell flat on it’s face.

  3. Well, exactly. There was this one atheist/agnostic at another website that I visit who’s all like, “Well, if it’s true, it’s true. If not, then not.” Crazy.

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