Debating Roman Catholicism

For those who haven’t been to the Hall recently or at all and have an interest in apologetics, particularly against the dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church, be sure to check out the following debates. There is a growing amount of information contained within them which any Bible-believer is sure to benefit from!

  • Mary, the Wife of Joseph — For all things Marian!
  • Once Saved Always Saved? – no, we hope for salvation — Roman Catholicism teaches that salvation is not absolutely permanent and complete in this world. But, is it right?
  • Roman Catholicism & the Muslims — The Catechism teaches that Allah is God (or at least is very close to being God). Find out more about this betrayal of Bible truth!
  • Traditions — A very fresh thread concerning the traditions mentioned in the New Testament with those held firm by the Roman Catholics.
  • Papal Infallibility — Does the Bible support that Peter and his supposed successors are capable of speaking infallibly, or was Peter’s infallibility limited to the times when he was moved by the Holy Ghost to pen the epistles which bear his name?
  • Catholic and Christian — The thread that started it all. A general discussion.
  • Salvation vs. Sacramental Works — Roman Catholicism teaches that either you obey the precepts it sets forth–such as the sacraments–of you will die damned. But, what does the Bible say about salvation?
  • Transubstantiation — The Mass is the Roman Catholic distortion of a beautiful biblical remembrance meal. Learn more about it in this thread.

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