CSS Based on Multiple Class Values

I love the way I have the head­er of this blog set up to dis­play ran­dom images. I think it adds visu­al draw to the page, mak­ing RickBeckman.org look bet­ter than per­haps it real­ly is. How­ev­er, I think it would be nice to be able to have cer­tain head­ers dis­played on cer­tain days with no ran­dom­ness involved. For instance, my sec­ond wed­ding anniver­sary is rapid­ly approach­ing (8 days!), and I want­ed a way to show a cer­tain head­er image on that day all day long with­out com­pro­mis­ing the ran­dom­ness of any oth­er days’ headers.

Well, I was pok­ing around K2 (the Word­Press theme cur­rent­ly in use here) look­ing for a way to do that. K2 is crazy pow­er­ful, due to its use of Sand­box-inspired seman­tic class names, so I knew this would­n’t be a dif­fi­cult task.

And I found myself star­ing at the BODY dec­la­ra­tion in this blog’s source…

There it was, all the infor­ma­tion I need­ed in order to tap into for date-spe­cif­ic styling: y2007 m09 d09 h12. With it, I could manip­u­late the site’s style based on year, month, day, or even hour. Thank you K2! (And Sand­box!) Styling an ele­ment is easy enough; in this case I would want to apply styling to the #header block. And I could even style it in a way that only affects a change on the seventeenth:

body.d17 #header {
	background: url("anniversary.jpg") !important;

That’s very triv­ial. All that code does is apply style to the #header ele­ment only when the BODY tag has a class of d17, which will only be true on the sev­en­teenth of the month. The !important tag exists in order to over­ride the styling for ran­dom head­er images which appears a bit lat­er in this site’s source code.

How­ev­er, as that style def­i­n­i­tion stands, it will show my anniver­sary image on the sev­en­teenth of every month unless I remove the code after it’s done its part.

That’s not good enough; I want­ed to be able to take advan­tage of the fact that K2 gives me both a day and a month class to deal with. But how to access that infor­ma­tion via style sheet?

Well, it turns out that mul­ti­ple class val­ues can be addressed in styling! I’m unsure how cross-brows­er com­pat­i­ble this is, but it works in Inter­net Explor­er 7 and Fire­fox 2. And it allows me to have my per-day styling with­out hack­ing any­thing oth­er than my custom.css file.

This is what the final def­i­n­i­tion looks like:

body.m09.d17 #header {
	background: url("anniversary.jpg") !important;

Now #header is only going to receive that spe­cial styling on the sev­en­teenth day of Sep­tem­ber. Score!

As many class val­ues as need­ed can be addressed pro­vid­ed that they are all sep­a­rat­ed by a full stop (“.”). So if I real­ly want­ed to, I could pull all the class val­ues in that BODY dec­la­ra­tion above and do some­thing like this:

body.wordpress.k2.y2007.m09.d09.h12.home.loggedin.columns-two.lang-en { }

The lev­el of styling this opens up is vir­tu­al­ly inex­haustible, and I real­ly feel weird even talk­ing about it — I’m by no means design­er enough to take full advan­tage of such a pow­er­ful styling frame­work, but I hope some­one read­ing this is. Enjoy!

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