Happy Exaltation of the Cross Day!


Today is the day in which a subset of Christians celebrate one of the Feasts of the Cross, specifically the Exaltation of the Cross or, as you may know it, the Feast of the Glorious Cross. 

What that means is that today is the anniversary of when the “true cross” — the cross upon which Jesus was said to have been crucified — was presented to the public at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in 335 CE.

Those events are the stuff of myth and legend, of course, but the feast calls to mind something which seems intrinsic in all of us: An enjoyment of fictions such that we celebrate even the props thereof.

Me? I love Star Trek stuff — collectibles of all sorts, which you can get a very small taste of in the video above. What fictions excite you? How can your favorite fictions inspire you to be a better person? Or do they?

Featured image: source, license

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