Creedal Priority

Is it my imag­i­na­tion, or was there a shift in pri­or­i­ty in craft­ing creeds at around the time of the Ref­or­ma­tion? Ancient creeds (such as the Nicene) begin with and empha­size the object of our faith: God.

Some­where, the first focus of creeds shift­ed from Yah­weh to His Scrip­tures. The West­min­ster Con­fes­sion, for instance, begins with a chap­ter on the Scriptures.

And now, on just about every Chris­t­ian site I come across online that car­ries a state­ment of faith, the Scrip­tures seem to be the first focus.

I’m just curi­ous why that may be. Absolute­ly I believe in sola Scrip­tura, but I also believe in soli Deo glo­ria; though I have placed the Scrip­tures first on quite a few state­ments of faith I have craft­ed, I am now con­vinced that God should be placed in that place of hon­or. “In the begin­ning, God…” after all.

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Rick Beckman