Creationism + Old-Earth Geology = Truth?

I would­n’t be sur­prised if I am lynched from all direc­tions over this one, but in response to a recent Slash­dot arti­cle “Equal Time for Cre­ation­ism,” I have to say that, in my semi-edu­cat­ed, hon­est opin­ion, both the Cre­ation­ism move­ment and the Dar­win­ian evo­lu­tion move­ment are wrong, though not com­plete­ly on either count. 

Nat­u­ral­ist stud­ies have shown that the Earth and the Uni­verse are quite old, some­thing in the neigh­bor­hood of 15,000,000,000 years for the Uni­verse. I’m not going to argue those fig­ures, nor are there enough qual­i­fied sci­en­tists who con­tend for a young Earth and Uni­verse (6,000−10,000 years) to be con­vinc­ing enough to me. I, how­ev­er, dis­agree that ani­mals evolve. There may very well have been pre­his­toric crea­tures that are dif­fer­ent than today; that does not change the observed fact that today’s ani­mals spe­ci­ate, but they do not advance on an evo­lu­tion­ary scale.

Cre­ation­ism has it right that God cre­at­ed the Heav­en and the Earth, and I firm­ly believe that the Earth and Uni­verse as we know it were com­plet­ed with­in a six day time frame. My faith in the Scrip­ture demands that much.

How­ev­er, I also believe that between Gen­e­sis 1:1 and 1:2 there is a gap, a gap that could be any num­ber of bil­lion or tril­lion of years long. If in the begin­ning refers to God’s begin­ning (who was the only frame of ref­er­ence at the time any­way), the Earth is immea­sur­ably old. For what­ev­er rea­son, the Earth before Gen­e­sis 1:2 was over­flowed with water, destroy­ing every­thing, mak­ing it a waste, a void. This is the Earth that we see in Gen­e­sis 1:2.

Now, whether there were crea­tures alive then or even whether there were pre-adam­ic men is irrel­e­vant. Bible doc­trine allows for that; all humans are of Adam’s line and are thus affect­ed by the curse. If there were men (not nec­es­sar­i­ly humans) before Adam, they would be with­in their own bloodline.

All I can say is that the Earth is old–really old. How­ev­er, the Earth as we know it–with our sun, our stars, our ani­mals, etc., are quite young. The plants may echo the past, how­ev­er, for God did­n’t cre­ate them with­in the six days. He caused them to come forth from the Earth (which was cre­at­ed an unknown long peri­od before hand). The seeds were already there. If the Earth had been flood­ed, the seeds from the plantlife would have sur­vived in the mud, wait­ing to be called forth by God.

Was there a sun pre­vi­ous to ours? Per­haps. God could have caused it to van­ish as part of the judg­ments on the pre-adam­ic earth. That would account for all sorts of weath­er dis­as­ters on Earth, includ­ing (you guessed it) one frigid ice age.

I think I’m on to some­thing with this way of think­ing (though there are some who prob­a­bly just think I’m on some­thing), and though I devel­oped much of it on my own study­ing, I owe some cred­it to James Knox’s ser­mon “The Gap The­o­ry” for help­ing me refine my thinking.

More to come, I’m sure, and I’d love to hear any com­ments any­one may have. I know I did­n’t explain this as well as I should have; I’m on my lunch break and am quite pressed for time. So if you have any ques­tions or if you see any­thing that I just plain­ly got wrong, feel free to tell me about it.

4 thoughts on “Creationism + Old-Earth Geology = Truth?”

  1. “that does not change the observed fact that today’s ani­mals spe­ci­ate, but they do not advance on an evo­lu­tion­ary scale.”

    Evo­lu­tion took place over mil­lions of years. Mankind has been record­ing obser­va­tions for a few thou­sand. The lack of direct obser­va­tion is predictable.

  2. And since we can’t observe it, all the the­o­ry can be is con­jec­ture; it may fit what lit­tle record we have of the past gives us, but that is sub­jec­tive inter­pre­ta­tion… The record (fos­sils, geo­log­ic, etc.) also fits a Bib­li­cal mod­el includ­ing the Noahic Flood.

  3. I have stud­ied the bible exten­sive­ly and I am begin­nig to grasp most of the con­cepts of Geology.
    Geol­o­gists only help me to know what the bible has already fore­told. I also see a large gap between Gen 1:1 and Gen 1:2. There was clear­ly AT LEAST one more age pri­or to that which is doc­u­ment­ed in Scrip­ture. We as Chris­tians believe that Satan was already a fall­en being when he spoke to Adam and Eve in the Gar­den of
    Eden. In Ezekiel we read the account of Satans fall. Clear­ly this fall had to have tak­en place pri­or to Eden. The Bible makes one believe that Satan was a leader in the earth before Adam. God destroyed the earth because satan exhault­ed him­self as God and many of the oth­er beings fol­lowed him. The most dif­fi­cult thing for evo­lu­tion­ists to explain is the soul of man. No sci­en­tif­ic the­o­ry that I have read has been able to iden­ti­fy a “sci­en­tif­ic source” that results in an intil­lect or a thought process. I would love to hear your thoughts.

  4. Mr. Beck­man, I attend THE BIBLE Bap­tist Church of De Land. I have the hon­or of learn­ing from Broth­er James Knox. I just “got into” this Gap The­o­ry when I over heard our youth paster talk­ing to some­one about it. I have lis­tened to Bro. James’s ser­mon 16 or 17 times already. I would be very inter­est­ed in any additi­nal infor­ma­tion you may have con­clu­dide since this writing.

    Kind Regards, Pat

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